US Warns Of Possible Al-Qaeda Terrorist Attack On Monday Targeting NY, Texas And Virginia

“Sources say U.S. intelligence has alerted joint terrorism task forces that al-Qeada could be planning attacks in three states for Monday.”

In an presidential election campaign that has had virtually every possible surprise, only one thing was missing: a terrorist attack. 

Alas, even that may be on the horizon because as CBS News reported moments ago, the news station has learned about a potential terror threat for the day before the election: “Sources say U.S. intelligence has alerted joint terrorism task forces that al-Qeada could be planning attacks in three states for Monday.

CBS adds that it is believed New York, Texas and Virginia are all possible targets, though no specific locations are mentioned.

A senior FBI official told CBS News, ““The counterterrorism and homeland security communities remain vigilant and well-postured to defend against attacks here in the United States.  The FBI, working with our federal, state and local counterparts, shares and assesses intelligence on a daily basis and will continue to work closely with law enforcement and intelligence community partners to identify and disrupt any potential threat to public safety.” During holiday seasons and when big events are approaching, intelligence about potential threats always increases.

While CBS tried to moderate the warning by noting that the “sources stress the intelligence is still being assessed and its credibility hasn’t been confirmed, but counterterrorism officials were alerted to the threat out of abundance of caution”, such a threat may lead to a depressed turnout in these three states and potentially impact the outcome of the presidential election.



#NeverTrump Delegates Attempt To Stall RNC

Details on plan to stop Trump from inside the RNC

A Trump delegate from Texas explains how Anti-Trump delegates have made an attempt to stall the RNC.

California Delegate Reveals How #NeverTrump Failed

Infowars reporter Rob Dew talks to a California Delegate about how the #NeverTrump movement has failed and Trump will win the nomination.

ALERT: Obama’s Islamic Jihad Army Enters Texas!

Published on Jun 17, 2016

Small U.S. cities with access to affordable housing and manufacturing jobs are quietly receiving the bulk of Obama’s invading Islamic Jihad Army. Stretching unsuspecting local city budgets to the breaking point. Bold statement? Yesterday on The Alex Jones Show retired DHS officer and whistleblower Philip Haney explained why radical Islamic terrorists are falling through the cracks despite unprecedented government data-gathering.

Some targeted American cities are already being pushed over the edge. For example, Amarillo, Texas “ known as the Yellow Rose of Texas” one of the largest meat packing cities in the United States, home to the V-22 Osprey hybrid aircraft assembly plant, Food giant Cargill, and also home to Pantex, the only nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly plant in the United States has taken in over 1,000 middle eastern refugees already, the highest in the nation. But when you add refugees sent to Amarillo from countries outside the Middle East, The numbers skyrocket.

World Net Daily reports “Amarillo has received 5,251 foreign refugees since January 2002, according to the federal refugee database. That’s more than half of the nearly 8,000 refugees sent to Texas during that period. President Obama has increased the number of foreign refugees bound for American soil in fiscal 2016 to 85,000. That’s a 20 percent increase over the previous year, and 10,000 will come from the jihadist hotbed of Syria. Many of the community organizers have received training or consultation from David Lubell’s Welcoming America organization, which was started with seed money from billionaire George Soros.”

Breitbart reported in January of 2016 “Amarillo Mayor Paul Harpole said “We’ve been a giving community, and it’s a huge disservice to bring in refugees in numbers that we’re not able to handle. We create small ghettos, a group of Somalis came in to say they had elected a mayor of their community,” he continued. “Then another faction claimed they had their own leader. We come to find out that rival tribes — slaves and masters — were being settled together.”

Amarillo 911 calls are now being fielded in 42 different languages.
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Immigrant Mohammad Moghaddam Takes Hostages at Amarillo Walmart – Is Shot Dead by Police

Police have identified the suspect who opened fire at a Walmart store in Amarillo this afternoon as Mohammad Moghaddam, 54.
walmart hostage

Mohammad Moghaddam, an immigrant, came to Amarillo with his family eight years ago from Iran.

Immigrant services from Amarillo would not discuss with reporters whether they helped relocate the family to the Amarillo area.

Police say Mohammad was upset he was passed over for a promotion so he took his manager and another person hostage.
He was shot dead by police.
ABC News reported:

Amarillo police say the armed man who took two people hostage inside a local Wal-Mart was a store employee who had a work-related dispute with the manager and that there was no reason to believe the incident had any ties to terrorism.

Police Sgt. Brent Barbee says the suspect, 54-year-old Mohammad Moghaddam, took his manager and another person hostage over a dispute related to a promotion. Barbee says Moghaddam was a current employee at the Wal-Mart store.

Police say officers responded to the incident around 11 a.m. Authorities say a police SWAT crew entered the area of the store where the hostages were located around 12:20 p.m. and fatally shot Moghaddam.

Barbee says Moghaddam was armed with a handgun.

Shooter at Texas Air Force base was FBI veteran training in Special Operations

The shooting occurred about 8:40 a.m. in a first-floor office at Forbes Hall

The shooter in an apparent murder-suicide at a Texas Air Force base Friday was an enlisted airman who served a brief stint as an FBI agent before entering the service to become an elite pararescueman, U.S. officials said.
Tech. Sgt. Steven D. Bellino, 41, killed another airman at the Medina Training Annex of Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland before turning the gun on himself, the officials said. He joined the Air Force in June 2015 and was a student with the 342nd Training Squadron, which provides training and screening in pararescue, combat control, explosive ordnance disposal and other skills used by elite units in Air Force Special Operations Command.

Air Force officials declined to identify Bellino as the shooter Saturday morning, but they released unclassified details about his brief service record when requested. U.S. officials said he had previously worked for less than two years in the FBI, partly in the New York field office. An FBI spokesman declined to comment.

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Texas To Remove One Billion In Gold From NY Fed’s Vault

June 15, 2015, by Ken Jorgustin


During 2011 an endowment which oversees funds held by the University of Texas System and Texas A&M University, had taken possession of physical 6,643 bars of bullion gold, or 664,300 ounces, in a Comex-registered vault in New York owned by HSBC, a London-based bank (as opposed to ‘paper gold’ as in the Exchange-traded Fund, ‘GLD’).

And now, in 2015, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has signed a bill (HB 483) into law on Friday, June 12, that will allow Texas to build a gold and silver bullion depository. In addition, Texas will repatriate their $1 billion worth of bullion from the Federal Reserve in New York to the new facility once completed.

The writing is on the wall – institutions are losing faith and trust – and are transitioning or converting into ‘physical’ ‘real’ money, before it’s too late…


“In a lot of cases with gold you may not have clear title to the metal. You may have a counterparty relationship that makes you a creditor. If the counterparty has a problem unrelated to gold, they can default and then you become an unsecured creditor in bankruptcy,” said Keith Weiner, president of the Gold Standard Institute.

This means you get whatever is left after liquidation, often just a fraction of the initial value of your holdings.

There is so much evidence and examples out there of entities who are positioning themselves for major financial upheaval, that even the mainstream is losing its ‘rosy’ propaganda battle as ‘the emperor fiddles while Rome burns’ (or while the band plays as the Titanic sinks).

Personally, I am admirable of Texas for taking this step of self-responsibility and self-reliance. I’m sure the Fed won’t like this…

(just thought you might want to know)

JADE HELM 15 Has Already Begun (HELM – Homeland Eradication of Local Militants)

Training likely linked to Jade Helm begins in other states
JADE HELM 15 Has Already Begun

by Jon Bowne | | June 5, 2015

Jade Helm 15 appears to be underway.

Urban drills are to begin in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Mi­ssissippi, Florida and Louisiana from July 15 through September 15, 2015, according to U.S. Army Special Operations Command.

J – Joint
A – Assistant for
D – Development and
E – Execution

H – Homeland
E – Eradication of
L – Local
M – Militants

15 – 2015

Screen shot 2015-06-05 at 6.40.35 PM

LIVE: Join Infowars #BlackLivesMatter Planned Parenthood Protest

Join us in Austin, Texas, on Thursday from 11am-2pm!
 [Alex is out there with his bullhorn!]

by The Alex Jones Show | May 21, 2015

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Join Infowars at the Planned Parenthood on East Ben White Blvd. in Austin, Texas, on May 21 to protest the genocide of black lives by abortion.

Event Details:
Time: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. CST
Date: Thursday, May 21
Location: 201 E Ben White Blvd, Austin, TX 78704

Infowarriors and pro-life activists are encouraged to come and peacefully protest Planned Parenthood’s admitted targeting of the black community and all innocent children, as outlined by founder Margaret Sanger.

Click the images below to download and print large, poster-size versions (.pdfs).








Rep. Louie Gohmert Suggests Feds Using Jade Helm to “Provoke a Fight” With Citizens

Congressman calls labeling of Texas & Utah as hostile states “suspicious”
Rep. Louie Gohmert Suggests Feds Using Jade Helm to "Provoke a Fight" With Citizens

by Paul Joseph Watson | May 18, 2015

Congressman Louie Gohmert has called for changes to the Jade Helm military exercise, arguing that the labeling of Texas and Utah as “hostile” states in Army documents related to the drill is “suspicious,” while suggesting that the federal government is trying to “provoke a fight” with citizens.

In a piece published by the Highland County Press, Gohmert, who is Vice Chair of the Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security, suggests that the Utah and Texas may have been labeled negatively because they are red states.

“Once I observed the map depicting “hostile,” “permissive” and “uncertain” states and locations, I was rather appalled that the hostile areas amazingly have a Republican majority and believe in the sanctity of the United States Constitution,” writes Gohmert.

“When the federal government begins, even in practice, games or exercises, to consider any U.S. city or state in “hostile” control and trying to retake it, the message becomes extremely calloused and suspicious.”

Gohmert says that when he was in the U.S. Army, areas of America were never dubbed “hostile” and that fictitious names were used in such instances. Such descriptions represent “an affront to the residents of that particular state considered as hostile, as if the government is trying to provoke a fight with them,” he writes.

The Congressman also makes it clear that he “understands” concerns that the exercises may be preparation for martial law-style scenarios, noting that the Obama administration has repeatedly expressed animosity towards constitutionalists, veterans and Christians.

“We have seen people working in this administration use their government positions to persecute people with conservative beliefs in God, country, and notions such as honor and self-reliance,” writes Gohmert.

The Congressman concludes his article by calling for major changes to Jade Helm before it commences on July 15.

“The map of the exercise needs to change, the names on the map need to change, and the tone of the exercise needs to be completely revamped so the federal government is not intentionally practicing war against its own states.”

In criticizing Jade Helm and indicating that he understands the concerns of residents, Gohmert is opening himself up to the same kind of media attacks that were launched against Texas Governor Greg Abbott after he announced that the Texas State Guard would monitor the drill.

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Muhammad Art Contest Winner Banned By Facebook

Social media giant sides with jihadists who attacked Garland event
Muhammad Art Contest Winner Banned By Facebook

by Paul Joseph Watson | May 7, 2015

The winner of the Muhammad art contest in Garland, Texas that was attacked by gun-wielding jihadists on Sunday has been sensationally banned by Facebook.

Bosch Fawstin, whose winning entry depicts a caricature of Muhammad shouting “You can’t draw me,” tweeted that he had been “removed from Facebook” earlier today.

Supporters responded by uploading images of the drawing as their Facebook profile background image.

For months we have been warning that Facebook’s new policies allow for groups of individuals to flag for deletion posts and images which “annoy” them or they find offensive. There is also an option to flag a post for deletion if it “goes against my views” or content which users find “distasteful”.

This allows perfectly legitimate content to be censored by mobs of perpetually offended morons who hold differing political opinions.

As we highlighted yesterday, the Alex Jones Facebook account was also temporarily suspended over an image of an ISIS militant that couldn’t even be considered offensive by any stretch of the imagination.

Ever since the attack, Pamela Geller and other individuals involved in staging the art contest have been vilified by many sectors of the media, with the press blaming the victims of the attack rather than standing up for the First Amendment.

Fawstin was also placed on a ‘hate list’ by the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center, which itself has served as an inspiration for unhinged would-be terrorists.

The immediate response from several media outlets in the aftermath of the Garland attack was to kowtow to extremists by censoring images of other artwork displayed at the event instead of defending freedom of expression.

If Facebook upholds the ban placed against Fawstin’s account, it sends the message that intimidation and violence works and that free speech is less important than offending extremist Islamists.

The rest of us who actually believe in the bedrock principles of western civilization will be waiting and watching.

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