White Woman Dragged From Car In Charlotte. Police Watch And Do Nothing

A Charlotte resident describes how a BLM protester attacked a woman in front of police

Infowars reporter talks to a man who was just attacked by Black lives matter.

His white female roommate was dragged from car and almost kidnaped by BLM thugs in uptown Charlotte.

Largest Police Presence We’ve Ever Seen At A Protest

Infowars reporter Joe Biggs takes a look at the large amount of police brought in for the recent Charlotte protests.

BLM Says Riot Police Presence Incites Riots

Joe Biggs talks with a protester about what the community of Charlotte will do to continue pushing for change after the protests die down.


She Forgot To Mow Her Yard. So They Arrested Her, In Front Of Her Kids.

She Forgot To Mow Her Yard. So They Arrested Her, In Front Of Her Kids.

An Illinois woman was arrested in front of her children and hauled away in a squad car – simply because she did not cut her grass.

Police in Cahokia, Illinois, took Conner to the station, booked her and held her for 30 minutes, KMOV-TV reported.

“It’s grass,” Conner said when reporter Courtney Bryant asked her about the arrest. “And I’ve never heard of being arrested for grass.”

“I understand I violated a code, but take the channels, give me a ticket first, make me appear in court,” Conner said. “I know there’s gotta be channels other than if you don’t cut your grass, we’re arresting you right now.”

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The single mother was arrested two weeks after receiving a code violation for uncut grass. She was upset because police never ticketed her or gave her a day in court.

Another reason why Conner was so upset was that officers left her five children alone in the house, unattended. The only person nearby was a code enforcement officer, who was apparently sitting outside in his car.

Disturbingly, Conner is far from alone, and several municipalities in the St. Louis area where she lives engage in similar practices. Residents of Pagedale, Missouri, were fined and arrested for such infractions as having weeds growing in a vegetable garden, leaving chipped paint on a drain sprout and having hedges over three feet high, as Off The Grid News previously reported.

The purported reason for such fines is to make the community look better. The Institute for Justice, which filed a lawsuit against the city, alleged a different motive.

“Pagedale treats its residents like walking, talking ATMs, making withdrawals by issuing tickets for ridiculous things that no city has a right to dictate,” Institute attorney William Maurer said.

When Bryant confronted officials from Cahokia on Conner’s behalf, she received no answers.

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Spanish Language Facebook Page Alerts Illegal Aliens to Police Checkpoints

A Spanish-speaking Facebook group is being used to alert 29,753 members of law enforcement checkpoints. Posts on the page claims it is alerting those “who don’t have a driver license and [to] report accidents” but it could also be used to avoid law enforcement for any criminal activity, including human, drug, and sex trafficking.

The social media page titled “Reten De Law Policia (Checkpoint) California” targets checkpoints in California but members on the Facebook page also discuss traveling across state lines.

The Facebook page — which is currently accessible to anyone in the public with a Facebook account — purports to show photos and warnings about law enforcement locations and checkpoints.

Updates on the page also appear to receive a great deal of interaction and responses. This one posted in El Monte, California on July 2nd has received over 145 reactions and over 50 shares. It is inquiring about Ramona, California, a small city in San Diego County. The county shares a border with Mexico.


This post on June 24 with a photo of the Ontario, California, police department had 262 reactions and 175 shares. One Facebook user appeared to warn another  by tagging her in the comment section.


The Facebook page is also used to ask if there are roadblocks at a particular location or if a particular area is “all clean.”




Facebook provides readers with a link where posts can be clicked to instantly get a translation from Spanish to English.

On July 4, it also warned those in the group, “Don’t buy of illegal immigrants that apparently the fine is a minimum of $1000 and / or a maximum a year in prison for anyone who is caught using illegal fireworks.” [translated] However, a look at the Facebook “Checkpoint” page shows it is not just used for the Fourth of July or for holidays.

The page has postings of photos of Border Patrol vehicles with notations of, “Be careful my people saw this post on this page.” [translated]


A group member apparently used the page to ask if one can safely travel across state lines, here asking “if there’s catch from San Francisco to the or to Nevada.” Comments were made to the post to answer the question.


A comment to another Facebook post asked about going to Dallas, Texas.

The apparent administrator of the Facebook page is Anghel Cain. According to his personal Facebook page, he is a “Presentador at Ritmo Sin Fronteras and LATV and he lives in Santa Ana, California. It also says he is from Mexico City, Mexico.

On June 14, Cain asked group members:

“Who here likes posting checkpoints without me having to approve the post? If I activate you guys can report retainers without me having to approve the posting,,,, I would support reportandoa who post sales, flyers and things that have nothing to do with the group? Or we continue like this? I ask because someone wanted to stream live a challenge and could not do it at the time. I couldn’t wait for me to approve.” [translated]

On June 6, the administrator Anghel Cain conducted a poll of the group saying:

Despite the fact that this group is to help the people who don’t have a driver license and report accidents, a lot of people sent me to claims that we are alerting the ‘drunk’ and that almost all have license, thanks to the ab60. I answer that by law the police has to publish every challenge that they do and that we can just share the information. Even so i want to know if this group is helping people and ask them if we continue with the group or shut it down or create a new one that don’t say ‘roadblocks’ Think and vote in the poll.” [translated]

The overwhelming answer to his poll, as seen in the screen shot below, was in support of continuing the group. This category received 953 votes as of the time of this article.


The reference to “ab60” in the post is to California’s Assembly Bill 60. As reported by Breitbart News in January 2015, California starting implementing the law that allows illegal aliens to obtain a driver’s license in the state. During the first year, 605,000 driver’s licenses were issued.

“It seems the purpose of this Facebook page is to help illegal aliens and Spanish-speaking U.S. citizens who are unable to obtain a driver’s license to avoid law enforcement,” Jon Feere told Breitbart Texas.

Feere, who serves as the Legal Policy Analyst for the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) added, “Most of the posts are from California, a state that gives out driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, so one wonders what is precluding these individuals from getting one. Did they fail the exam? Are they unwilling to purchase insurance? These are questions one must ask whether we’re talking about U.S. citizens or illegal aliens. But it does suggest that offering driver’s licenses to illegal aliens does not mean that illegal aliens will stop driving if they can’t pass a driving test or are unable or unwilling to purchase insurance.”

The legal policy analyst concluded, “A Facebook page like this is undoubtedly beneficial to foreign nationals who have sneaked across the border and are smuggling people or drugs. It’s notable that many of the checkpoint notices are specific to southern California.”

Sheriff-elect Benny Martinez, who is a deputy in Brooks County, told Breitbart Texas that he believes the Facebook page is being used to “detour criminals from highways and byways where there is a law enforcement presence.” Brooks County is just one county from the Texas-Mexico border and Martinez deals with illegal immigration issues daily.

The border area deputy added, “If I were in the criminal element in California, I would use the Facebook page if I were involved in narcotics or human trafficking. I would ask where is law enforcement today, and I would look for the coordination of federal and local law enforcement authorities.” He noted that criminals can now use their GPS to go around checkpoints and law enforcement covered areas and use back roads.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been called the “dictator” of the “biggest nation of the world,” and there is no doubt about the social media company’s ability to influence content, as reported by Breitbart News. The 32-year-old billionaire has been criticized for promoting amnesty through his lobbyist group Fwd.US, and he has been accused of suppressing conservative content.

In May, Stephen K. Bannon and Alexander Marlow of Breitbart reported that Zuckerberg announced he was planning a “pat conservatives on the head” session with “leading conservatives” to discuss the scandal involving his company’s suppression of conservative media. They wrote, “We have zero interest in a Facebook photo-op” and noted that despite Facebook’s suppression of conservative content in its Trending News section, Breitbart News was #15 in the world on Facebook for total engagement, #12 in the world on Facebook for Shares, and #10 in the world on Facebook for comments.

Breitbart Texas raised questions on July 5 about the company’s blocking a gun range owner’s Facebook page. The page was restored the same day after the article appeared on Breitbart’s front page.

CPS Steal Another Baby – FROM A RAPE VICTIM!

CPS Seizes Newborn From Rape Victim At Hospital — ‘Treated Worse Than The Criminal’

CPS Steals Newborn From Rape Victim At Hospital -- 'Treated Worse Than The Criminal'

Witnesses claim that police and social workers took a newborn baby away from his young mother while she was still in the hospital and breastfeeding, without giving a sufficient reason. The case is controversial because the mother was a 14-year-old rape victim who had rejected an abortion.

Even worse, the child’s purported father — the alleged rapist — was allowed to see the baby, Health Impact News and MedicalKidnap.com reported. As is standard protocol, DHR – Alabama’s version of CPS — has refused to comment on the allegations.

The case is unique because reporter Terri LaPoint of Health Impact News and Juda Myers of the pro-life group Choices4Life were at the hospital and watched the removal.

“Juda Myers and I were there to witness the trampling of every Constitutional and moral right of this young mother, and we are shocked and devastated at what we saw,” LaPoint wrote of the June 15 incident.

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The case is still under investigation. The suspected rapist, Samuel Woods II, was charged with second-degree rape on June 17, according to records from the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office. Woods is currently free on $30,000 bail. Woods is 19 and considered an adult; the mother is 14, and considered a juvenile under state law.

No History of Drugs or Alcohol

LaPoint claims the baby was taken away without a court order, a warrant and no sign of danger or neglect. Three Alabaster police officers were allegedly accompanying the DHR employees who took the baby, Braelon, away.

“By all accounts of the nursing and medical staff, the young mother was doing an amazing job of mothering her baby son Braelon,” LaPoint wrote. “She loves and adores her baby. Even though he was conceived in rape, it is clear that this is HER baby.”

The mother had become a hero to pro-lifers because she had refused to abort Braelon. She lives with her custodial grandparents, and she had a place set up at the home, complete with a bassinet, for the baby.

The mother has no history of drug or alcohol abuse, Health Impact News reported.

“There was no reason given” for the removal, LaPoint wrote.

Earlier during the hospital stay, everything seemed to be going well.

CPS Steals Newborn From Rape Victim At Hospital -- 'Treated Worse Than The Criminal'

“We were told by nurses, the nurse-practitioner, and the hospital social worker that mom and baby could go home as soon as the visit from the social worker happened,” LaPoint wrote. “They thought they would go home by lunchtime. Juda got her flight booked to return to her home in Texas for that evening. We all thought we were just waiting for the formality, because that is what we were repeatedly told. Mom and baby were completely healthy, with no medical issues.”

But soon it became obvious that the mother and baby could not leave, and when a DHR representative arrived at the hospital, the situation became worse.

“Despite numerous attempts by the family to learn what DHR’s concerns were, all they were told was ‘policy’ and ‘protocol’ and that things needed to be ‘assessed,’” LaPoint wrote. “We asked for a copy of the protocols to which they referred, but none was given or cited.”

At one point, a nurse came into the room and asked to take the baby to the nursery to remove the alarm band and “to check vital signs.” When the family replied that all of that could be done in the room, the nurse threw up her hands in frustration and left, LaPoint reported.

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Soon thereafter, three police officers accompanied DHR representatives to take the baby.

Later, the family was told there were “safety concerns.”

“There was clearly no evidence of abuse or neglect, which is required by Alabama state law for seizure of a child,” LaPoint wrote. “For a law enforcement officer to seize a child from their parents without a warrant, a child must be in ‘imminent danger,’ meaning the child’s life is in danger and there is no time to get a warrant from a judge and conduct a proper investigation. The child was just born, and was in the hospital where he could not leave, so how could that condition possibly be met for a warrant-less seizure?”

Said Myers, “I see this over and over, where the victim is treated worse than the criminal for loving her rape-conceived baby, because society believes that these children are a reminder of the rape. But one mother said, ‘A man stole my body, and society is trying to steal my baby.’”

LaPoint said she understands why people will reply, “There must be more to this story.”

“Yes, in all of these medical kidnapping stories, there is always ‘more.’ But what we strive to do at Health Impact News is stick to the facts. The facts in this particular story are based on eyewitness accounts who were present at the hospital on the day this event occurred,” she wrote.

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Germany Recruiting Muslim Illegals as Police Officers

Migrant police force to likely enforce Sharia law

The German state of Bavaria is recruiting Muslim migrants as police officers – and German citizenship isn’t required.

When announcing the move, Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann implied they needed Muslim migrants as police because they speak the same language as their fellow illegals and know how they think.

“Our experience has shown that employees with foreign roots are more successful at finding a better approach to migrants,” he told the Bayerische Rundfunk. “I’m optimistic that in this way we can improve our ability to solve crimes and reduce conflict.”

The Bavarian police are also encouraging migrants to enroll due to the fierce opposition to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open borders policy.

In other words, they want cops who won’t resist Merkel’s agenda.

Furthermore, the recruitment drive was launched after the deaths of several migrants were blamed on a local neo-Nazi group, which indicates that government officials are trying to exacerbate existing tensions while criticizing anyone who opposes the program as “neo-Nazi” despite their true political affiliation.

German police were already raiding the homes of Germans who were allegedly posting “anti-migrant messages” on the Internet, so it’s likely a Muslim migrant police force could go even beyond that and start enforcing Sharia law given how the German government is already rolling over to the demands of the migrants.

In fact, a German court has already let ‘Sharia Police’ patrol in the city of Wuppertal.

“They wore bright orange jackets with the words ‘Sharia Police,’” the BBC reported. “They told passers-by not to frequent discos, casinos or bars.”

“The court said they had not violated laws on uniforms and public gatherings.”

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Police Find 19 White Female Bodies In Freezers With “Black Lives Matter” Carved Into Skin

Rasheed Thompson, 39 of Chicago, was arrested in connection with a series of dead bodies found in a freezer located in his basement. According to reports, the bodies had the words “Black Lives Matter” carved into the foreheads of the corpses.

The Chicago coroners office made a gruesome discovery today after several 911 calls were placed by neighbors regarding their concern of suspicious activity at the residence of Thompson. At approximately 8 p.m., police were dispatched to South Pulaski Road and West Lexington Street. Upon their arrival, their arrival, authorities were met by a group of residents at the corner where they assisted police in locating the home in question. Police proceeded to the 3000 Block of West Lexington Street where they located the home. Authorities knocked on the door of the residence and was met by an African-American male, who appeared to be in his late 30’s and seemed to be “under the influence of drugs”.

Upon entering the home, authorities indicated that the home “smelled of death”. The power was off in the house however authorities found a gasoline powered generated running in the kitchen.

“A Black male, approximately in his 30’s, opened the door with the smell of alcohol and marijuana on his body. He appeared to be somewhat disoriented and his speech was slurred. We asked him for permission to enter the premises, however he seems reluctant to allow us to enter,” said Lt. Kyle Jennings. “After a few seconds, he mumbled “yes” to us. Once we entered the home, we were met with a very foul odor as if something was dead in the home. The power was off so we used our flash lights to look around. As we approached the rear of the home, a light was on in the kitchen. We asked the occupant for his name. He identified himself and told us he lived with his grandmother. In the kitchen, we found several handsaws covered in blood. Mr. Thompson pushed one of the officers and ran downstairs through a half-opened door in the kitchen.”

One of the freezers found by police containing bodies.

Lt. Jennings and two other officers chased Thompson down the stairs which is where the foul odor had gotten stronger. When the officers got to the basement, they found a series of freezers scattered around the basement. With no trace of Thompson, one officer continued to search for him as the other two pried opened three locked deep freezers. Upon their discovery, 11 decapitated bodies were found frozen, while the heads where in ziplock freezer bags. All of the bodies appeared to have been Caucasian women, possibly in their early to mid-20’s. The heads that were found all had the words “Black Lives Matter” carved into the foreheads. The bodies were were preserved, possibly from being stored in the deep freezers.
The police radioed for back up and the other freezers were opened where 8 more bodies in similar condition were found, however one of the women was still alive. Authorities at the scene helped the woman out of the freezer and waited for paramedics to arrive.“I was kidnapped by this Black guy after I left work earlier today. We talked for while at Starbucks, where I work, before everything happened. At first he seemed pretty nice but he had this weird twitch that happened every couple of minutes. He asked if he could walk me to my car and I said yes, but that is when everything went dark. When I woke up, I was in this basement and I saw that guy I was with earlier taking saws up the stairs. I cried for help and that is when he stuffed me into a freezer where I saw dead bodies. I must have passed out from shock or something but I am happy you guys found me,” said to police by the victim.

Officer Douglas, who was searching for Thompson, found him in a crawl space in the basement. Police ran a background check on him and discovered that he was arrested during a protest for the police involved shooting death of Laquan McDonald. Thompson had no prior criminal record according to authorities.

The names of the victims have not been released. Thompson was taken into custody by police and had later tested positive for PCP which authorities believe may have lead to Thompson’s crimes.

The FBI and Memphis Police Admit Their Involvement in the Assassination of MLK

Admitted responsibility in attempting to ruin Dr. King’s marriage and persuading him to commit suicide

Nearly 50 years since the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the FBI and Memphis Police Department have sparingly released information implicating themselves or members of their agencies in facilitating and directly causing the untimely death of Dr. King. Although the Justice Department officially claims James Earl Ray assassinated MLK, a civil suit later determined that a Memphis cop was involved in a conspiracy to murder the civil rights leader.

During a rainstorm on February 1, 1968, two black sanitation workers in Memphis lost their lives when the truck’s compactor accidentally triggered. On that same day, 22 black sewer workers were sent home without pay while their white coworkers received compensation. Less than two weeks later, over a thousand black sanitation workers went on strike wearing placards reading, “I AM A MAN.”

On March 18, 1968, Dr. King spoke at a rally in Memphis promising to lead a march later in the month supporting the striking sanitation workers. According to the House Select Committee on Assassinations, a black civil rights group named the Invaders sabotaged the March 28 demonstration by distributing hundreds of two by two sticks attached to placards into the hands of impressionable black children caught breaking store windows. The Invaders allegedly incited violence against Dr. King’s orders of peaceful resistance.

Because of the violence perpetrated during the March 28 demonstration, the city of Memphis filed a formal complaint against Dr. King and his associates within the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). On the last day of his life, Dr. King spent most of his time with Dr. Ralph Abernathy of the SCLC. While Rev. Andrew “Andy” Young of the SCLC had convinced U.S. District Court Judge Bailey Brown to allow Dr. King to organize a peaceful march scheduled for April 8, Dr. King was preparing for dinner with Rev. Samuel “Billy” Kyles.

On April 4, 1968, Dr. King’s Memphis PD security detail had been withdrawn, a black Memphis PD detective posted near the Lorraine Motel had been removed, and two black firemen in a station near the Lorraine Motel were transferred shortly before the assassination. Former Memphis PD Detective Jerry Williams had been assigned to Dr. King’s security detail twice before his final visit in 1968. Det. Williams asserted on Dr. King’s final visit that no black officers had been assigned to his security detail. The day before Dr. King’s death, Inspector Don H. Smith requested to remove his detail. The request was granted.

Accounts differ regarding Dr. King’s final words. According to FBI documents, Dr. King was discussing the weather with his chauffeur, Solomon Jones Jr., when the fatal shot struck. Rev. Jesse Jackson instead recalls Dr. King chastising him for not wearing a tie. Dr. King then turned to musician Ben Branch, who was standing beside Jackson, and said, “Make sure you play ‘Take My Hand, Precious Lord.’ Play it real pretty.” According to Jackson, those were his final words.

Since revealing its illegal COINTELPRO harassment of Dr. King and the existence of at least 5 paid informants who reported to their Memphis Field Office, the FBI also disclosed that Dr. King’s trusted friend and renowned photographer, Ernest Withers, had been secretly working as an FBI informant. In addition to the FBI informants, a black undercover Memphis PD officer named Marrell McCollough had infiltrated the Invaders in 1968. McCollough stood in the parking lot of the Lorraine Motel on the night Dr. King died. He claimed to have been the first person to reach the body.

Although the Invaders had been removed from the Lorraine Motel a few hours earlier, undercover MPD officer Marrell McCollough remained on the premises until Dr. King’s death. McCollough claimed he spent the day shopping with Rev. James Bevel and Rev. James Orange of the SCLC. Standing in the parking lot of the Lorraine Motel, McCollough witnessed Dr. King’s assassination then ran up the stairs to view the body. ABC News confirmed McCollough went on to join the CIA, and he later testified on March 12, 1978, to the House Select Committee on Assassinations.

While recalling Dr. King’s final moments, Rev. Billy Kyles who was standing beside Dr. King on the balcony admitted decades later, “Only as I moved away so he could have a clear shot, the shot rang out.” Kyles has denied working as an FBI informant, even though he was accused of being a confidential Memphis PD informant.

In 1999, civil trial King v. Jowers determined former Memphis PD officer Loyd Jowers had been complicit in a conspiracy to assassinate Dr. King. In December 1993, Jowers appeared on ABC’s Prime Time Live confessing to his participation in Dr. King’s assassination. Jowers admitted he believed MPD Lt. Earl Clark fired the shot that killed Dr. King, not James Earl Ray. Although the U.S. government claims that Jowers fabricated his allegations, they have also admitted responsibility in attempting to ruin Dr. King’s marriage and persuading him to commit suicide.

CHICAGO ERUPTS! Laquan McDonald Protesters ATTACK POLICE, Toss BOTTLES, Steal Police Bikes (Video)

McDonald was murdered for jaywalking

Chicago police released dash-cam video late Tuesday showing the shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, who was killed by an officer in October 2014.

The video released today shows Officer Jason Van Dyke shooting Laquan 16 times.

McDonald was murdered for jaywalking.

(Warning Graphic)

Officer Van Dyke was charged with murder.

Tonight protesters tossed bottles at police on Michigan Avenue.

This video shows protesters tossing bottles and water at police.

The protesters just stole the police bike!

It wouldn’t be a liberal protest without shutting down traffic.

Study Finds That EVERY Police Department in US Failed To Meet Use Of Lethal Force Standards

‘Shocking lack of fundamental respect for the sanctity of human life’
Study Finds That EVERY Police Department in US Failed To Meet Use Of Lethal Force Standards

Image Credits: Elvert Barnes / Flickr.

by Steve Watson | InfoWars | June 19, 2015

A study undertaken by Amnesty International USA has found that every state in the US is failing to comply with the minimum international standards on the lethal use of force by police.

The report also found that 13 US states, more than a quarter, fall beneath the legal standards outlined in US constitutional law, while 9 of those 13, shockingly, have NO laws whatsoever that encompass lethal use of force.

This means that in 9 states, police can kill someone and avoid the consequences by claiming they had no choice but to use lethal force.

“While law enforcement in the United States is given the authority to use lethal force, there is no equal obligation to respect and preserve human life. It’s shocking that while we give law enforcement this extraordinary power, so many states either have no regulation on their books or nothing that complies with international standards,” Amnesty USA executive director Steven Hawkins told the London Guardian.

Hawkins described the findings as evidence that law enforcement departments have a “shocking lack of fundamental respect for the sanctity of human life.”

The study compared the statutes regarding use of lethal force of all 50 states against international principles which outline that lethal force is only ever used “in order to protect life” in “unavoidable” circumstance and after attempts to employ “less extreme means” to manage the situation.

International standards also outline that law enforcement officers should always identify themselves and give a clear warning if they intend to use deadly force.

The study found that not one single US state complies with both these standards, and only 8 states have a requirement of a verbal warning before engaging in the use of deadly force.

“None of the laws establish the requirement that lethal force may only be used as a last resort with non-violent means and less harmful means to be tried first. The vast majority of laws do not require officers to give a warning of their intent to use firearms.” the study concluded.

Amnesty noted that the 13 states that fall below US constitutional standards have statutes which are so vague in their wording, that they can easily be manipulated to allow for use of force in practically any circumstance.

The report notes that in North Dakota, police are sanctioned to use deadly force if an individual “has committed or attempted to commit a felony involving violence.” The level and scope of said violence and felony are not outlined in any way.

The 9 states that do not have any laws regarding lethal use of force are Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming – in addition to Washington D.C.

The report notes that this means police in those state nearly always investigate the actions of their own officers based on some arbitrary standard they have comprised for the specific circumstance.

Perhaps the most troubling finding in the report outlines how in nine states, police are legally permitted to use lethal force during “rioting”. The study found that in Pennsylvania, lethal force can be used if it is deemed “necessary to suppress a riot or mutiny after the rioters or mutineers have been ordered to disperse.”

International standards on lethal force also require all police related deaths to be reported. The central database for this activity to be logged, an FBI database, is completely voluntary, however. This means it is not really known how many “justifiable homicides” there are in the US, and the figure could be exponentially more than official records show.

Amnesty recommends a nationwide review of police use of lethal force laws, in addition to a thorough review and reform of oversight and accountability mechanisms at all levels of government.

Given the recent spotlight on police brutality in the US, Amnesty believes that “this report will produce some energy for change.”

Of course, US states are not beholden to comply with international laws. However, the findings, correlated with the huge number of police related killings in the US compared to other developed nations, paints a clear picture.

“Those states can of course argue that they follow common law or supreme court standards, but is that good enough?” Hawkins said. “Certainly we would expect that international human rights standards are what should govern and our fear is that, unless these are clearly quantified, a citizen in any state can’t look at what the law is. That’s critically important to ensuring accountability.”

A separate study recently compiled by Fatal Encounters, an impartial nonprofit organisation working to build a national database of police killings in the US, found that cops in the US are responsible for way more deaths on American soil than terrorism since the year 2000. Indeed, in that time, police have killed at least 5,600 people via gunshots, taserings, beatings and other forms of violence. That figure represents more than the total number of US combat deaths in all wars since 2000.

Americans are, at the very least, eight times more likely to be killed by a police officer than a terrorist.

Vox took the data gathered by Fatal Encounters and created an interactive map of every documented police killing over the past 15 years. It looks like this:


The organisation estimates that it has only captured about 35 percent of total police killings since 2000 so far. So at best, this map represents a minimum of police related killings over the past 15 years.

By those calculations, around SIXTEEN THOUSAND Americans are likely to have been killed by police in that time. Over 1000, every year.

In comparison with other first world nations; only three people were killed by police in 2014 in the UK; 12 people in Canada, and eight over the past two years in Germany. All this despite the fact that the crime index highlights that countries like the UK aren’t that far behind America in regards to overall crime rate.

The level of police killings only appears to be escalating into an epidemic. It is indicative of an endemic societal divide between Americans and their government (yes police work for the government).


Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’ Infowars.com, and Prisonplanet.com. He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham, and a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University.