WIN. Noodles & Company to Anti-Cop Employees: You’re Fired…

WIN. Noodles & Company to Anti-Cop Employees: You’re Fired…

Another day, another leftist retail employee refusing service to the police (see Liberal Arby’s Worker Refuses to Serve Police Officer Because… and Restaurant Faces Backlash After Telling Deputies They Were ‘Unwelcome’…), this time at Noodles & Company in Virginia. Though in the company’s defense, they did the right thing rather quickly…

According to Alexandria Police, the incident took place on Monday evening at the Noodles & Company located on Duke Street in Alexandria. The officer was standing in line when the department says a female cook came out from the back and told the cashier, ‘You better pull me off the line, because I’m not serving that,’ gesturing at the officer. The department says the cashier and the cook started laughing, and the officer left.

“Discrimination of any kind is never tolerated at Noodles & Company. After completing a thorough investigation into the allegations brought to us by a police officer who visited our Alexandria, VA location, we have concluded the two team members in question acted inappropriately and we immediately terminated their employment. The views and actions of these individuals are in no way reflective of the Company or team at our Alexandria location.

We want to thank the entire Alexandria Police Department for their assistance in this investigation. We have spoken with the officer involved and apologized for the inexcusable actions of these individuals.

Advice to snot-nosed little turdbombs who refuse cops service: don’t. Despite what the media is pushing, despite what BlackLivesMatter is selling, the general public still loves their cops. And if Noodles & Company hadn’t reacted as quickly and as swiftly as they did, they would’ve faced major public backlash. Well, at least more than they might already be getting.

Just a few weeks ago a teriyaki restaurant in Washington State refused service to a cop, then the cops responded via social media. The owner of that facility knew exactly what was going to happen next: a full boycott, and did everything he could to backtrack because of his son’s mistake.


Which is why if you’re a low-skilled, minimum wage employee, maybe don’t be an turdmonkey and deny service to a cop, of say something untoward about cops. Because in the day of everyone taking a picture or recording on their camera phones, news will spread. The public will react. They’ll vote with their dollars.

So yes, the company did the right thing by canning the moron employee who could’ve (or may have) put the entire chain in jeopardy because of his bias. And you can’t hold a large chain like this fully accountable for what every part time worker does. The situation was sanctified. Everyone may go back to enjoying their noodles.

Just don’t tell me fast food workers deserve $15 and hour.

Speaking of things that matter and don’t matter, get some facts on BlackLivesMatter memes. They’re all crap.



DEA Agents Wrongly Jailed Student for 5 Days Without Food or Water Until He Had to Drink Own Urine; Nobody Fired

If you have a criminal mind, the best place to look for employment is within a Federal agency
DEA Agents Wrongly Jailed Student for 5 Days Without Food or Water Until He Had to Drink Own Urine; Nobody Fired

by Michael Krieger | Liberty Blitzkrieg | May 6, 2015

Two years ago, I highlighted the case of Daniel Chong, a California student who was thrown in a holding cell and forgotten about for 5 days without food or water. His situation became so desperate, he was forced to drink his own urine in order to survive. The post was titled, Student Forgotten in California Jail Cell by the DEA for 5 Days Without Food or Water. Here’s an excerpt:

While a cash payout should be part of any sort of justice for Daniel, I wonder if any of the individuals responsible for this will be held accountable? That to me is the key point. Just as bankers simply pay a fine for egregious crimes that represent only a small part of their profit from the activity (but almost never face criminal charges), so too it seems the police and government bureaucrats almost never face serious repercussions for any their actions, no matter how heinous or unconstitutional. 

Well wonder no more. The jury is out, and all the DEA agents involved received a slap on the wrist. A few days of suspension without pay, but nobody fired. From the LA Times:

Federal agents responsible for leaving a 23-year-old UC San Diego engineering student in a holding cell for five days without food or water received only reprimands or short suspensions from the Drug Enforcement Administration, according to the Justice Department.

Daniel Chong was swept up in a 2012 DEA raid on his friends’ house, where he had gone to smoke marijuana. After an interrogation, he was told he would be released.

But the agents responsible forgot about him, according to a Department of Justice Office of Inspector General report last summer, leaving him to drink his own urine to stave off dehydration.

The Inspector General Report said that three DEA agents and a supervisor bore primary responsibility for Chong’s mistreatment and that the DEA San Diego Field Division lacked procedures to keep track of detainees. They were not named in the report.

The Department of Justice letter said that DEA officials forwarded a report on the incident to a disciplinary board, the Board of Professional Conduct, without conducting its own investigation. The board issued four reprimands to DEA agents and a suspension without pay for five days to another. The supervisor in charge at the time was given a seven-day suspension.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. If you have a criminal mind and lack ethics, yet aren’t sharp enough to be a TBTF banker, the best place to look for employment is within a Federal agency. You can pretty much engage in unlimited criminality without any repercussions. The DEA and TSA may provide particularly good opportunities for unbridled shadiness. Recall:

DEA Agents Caught Having Drug Cartel Funded Prostitute Sex Parties Received Slap on the Wrist; None Fired

TSA Agents Caught Gaming System so Male Screener Could Grope Attractive Passengers; No Criminal Charges Filed

Apparently it’s impossible to be fired from the DEA. 

Iran seizes U.S. ship, 34 sailors

Iran has fired at a U.S. cargo ship and has directed it to Bandar Abbas port on the southern coast of Iran, Al Arabiya News Channel has reported on Tuesday.

Up to 34 American sailors are believed to be onboard the ship, Al Arabiya reported.

(developing story)

Last Update: Tuesday, 28 April 2015 KSA 17:32 – GMT 14:32

US denies Iran ship seizure report

The incident happened in the Straits of Hormuz, according to the Pentagon (file image of Iranian warship)

American officials have denied media reports that a US cargo ship had been seized by the Iranian navy.

The Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya TV network had reported that a US vessel had been seized and taken to an Iranian port.

However, the Pentagon spokesman said the vessel involved was flagged to the Marshall Islands and that no Americans were on board.

The MV Maersk Tigris was moving through the Straits of Hormuz, according to the Pentagon.