Moguls Arrive in Sun Valley With Politics Upstaging Deals


The titans of media and technology are back in Sun Valley, Idaho, for their annual summit to plot the future of their industries, but it seems like world politics and the economy are what everyone really wants to talk about.

Take David Zaslav, whose Discovery Communications Inc. has made big bets on TV rights for European sports. Holding court with reporters Tuesday, he focused as much on the continent’s poor-performing economy as he did the changing media landscape. Western Europe, excluding the U.K., has been in a recession for the past 10 years, said Zaslav, 56, citing the lack of wage growth and high unemployment. The situation in Europe right now is a “recipe for some real challenges.”

“It doesn’t look right now like it’s going to get a lot better,” he said after arriving in Sun Valley, where the conference is hosted each year by Allen & Co.

David Zaslav.
David Zaslav.
Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

While the conference typically focuses on technology, telecom and media, and has spawned more than a few big mergers, this year’s lineup features more government and foreign delegations. Participants include Stanley McChrystal, the former U.S. commander in Afghanistan, and John Miller, deputy commissioner of intelligence and counterterrorism for the New York Police Department.  Panels start Wednesday morning.

Argentina President Mauricio Macri is due to arrive later in the day, visiting the conference as part of his push to lure $100 billion in investments to the country over the next decade after a series of economic reforms. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will also make an appearance. They’re part of a long tradition of heads of state who have attended in the past, from Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto to Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Others arriving Tuesday included Michael Eisner, former chief executive officer of Walt Disney Co., Comcast Corp. CEO Brian Roberts, and Hollywood superagents Michael Ovitz and Jeff Berg, a board member at Oracle Corp. Ovitz, co-founder of Creative Artists Associates, said Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union will be a key topic during the five-day conference, along with the economic fallout and the U.S. presidential race.

Eisner chatted briefly with CBS Corp. Chairman and CEO Les Moonves and CBS Vice Chairman Shari Redstone, who’s been embroiled in a dispute over control of her father’s other company, Viacom Inc. Shari Redstone backed Moonves’s promotion to chairman this year, and he waited about half an hour outside the lodge for her to appear Tuesday evening. Meantime, he spoke with his rivals at Walt Disney Co., CEO Bob Iger and Disney-ABC Television Group President Ben Sherwood.

Sherwood had arrived in a car with his co-worker, ESPN President John Skipper, and with Tom Staggs, the former Disney chief operating officer who stepped down earlier this year after losing his status as the frontrunner to replace Iger when his contract expires in 2018. Iger followed later in a separate vehicle.

Broadcast Rights

Zaslav, CEO of Silver Spring, Maryland-based Discovery, said obtaining exclusive programming for viewers has become more crucial for entertainment companies, even in Europe’s slow economy. Technology and telecommunications companies have built up capabilities to deliver a so-called quadruple play — offering telephone, TV, Internet and mobile services — only to find they need shows, games and videos to deliver over those networks.

Discovery generated about half of its $6.39 billion in 2015 revenue outside the U.S.

“The marketplace for content is growing,” Zaslav said. “If you own really good quality content, there’s going to be a lot more opportunity to grow your market share.”

75 Deals

Discovery has done about 75 sports rights deals in the past 18 months, Zaslav said. While costs for the most popular sports have soared, with soccer up 90 percent, Discovery has focused on less-expensive cycling and tennis in Europe, he said.

The costs for those, as well as the Olympics, are “much more manageable,” Zaslav said.

Europe and Latin America represent the most attractive opportunities, he said. Conventional TV viewing in Eastern Europe, Latin America and parts of Asia is still growing, he said.

Many companies have spent a ton of capital building up “quadruple play” offerings to homes, only to realize that they need unique programming to distinguish themselves.

“People are consuming more content now in a meaningful way than they ever have,” he said. “They just consume it on more platforms. It’s a question of making sure your content is on all those platforms.”

To prepare for conference attendees and their families, the Sun Valley resort set up a number of entertainment areas for children and teens, including ping pong tables, lawn games and Coca-Cola-branded refrigerators. Large white tents will serve as shaded lounge areas, with couches and magazines.

Conference attendees will also get a chance to watch an ice skating show at the rink in the resort, even with temperatures forecast to reach the high 70s.


Total Emergency Alert: Elite Now Evacuating

Signs of a coming financial meltdown are accelerating

by Alex Jones | | June 20, 2015

The financial elite are hinting that an impending financial collapse is on the horizon.

From the Greek-Euro crisis to gold’s sudden rise in popularity, the writing on the wall points to unavoidable economic doom.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently indicated his distrust of the Federal Reserve’s fiat monetary system in a move to repatriate $1 billion of gold back to his home state.

Countries such as China and Germany have made similar moves, with the German Central Bank, or Bundesbank, earlier this year saying it also has plans to repatriate 300 tonnes of gold from the New York Fed by 2020.

Just today, a British hedge fund manager Ian Spreadbury who handles billions in investments revealed he warns clients of the market’s “systemic risk,” and said he advises them to store “physical cash” due to its volatility.

All of this, coupled with the fact that billionaires are purchasing doomsday bunkers and offshore hideaways, paints a bleak picture of the global economic future unless more of humanity awakens and forces a sea change.

Bilderberg Media Mogul Confronted at Airport

Members of elite confab grilled on Bilderberg secrecy

by Paul Joseph Watson | June 14, 2015

Austrian media mogul Oscar Bronner, along with several other Bilderberg members were confronted by Infowars reporters as they arrived at Innsbruck Airport after the conclusion of the secretive conference.

Bronner, publisher of Der Standard, a major national daily broadsheet newspaper published in Vienna, spent the last few days meeting with influential power brokers from the world of politics, media, academia, business and banking at the elitist confab in Telfs, Austria, safely enclosed behind a huge security operation enforced by over 2,000 police.

Bronner stated, “It was a very interesting meeting,” before referring to the Bilderberg Group’s official website for the list of topics that were discussed (the topics are so vague as to be almost meaningless).

Infowars reporter Rob Dew also spoke with Karl Sevelda, CEO of Austria’s Raiffeisen Bank, who was traveling with Bronner.

When Dew asked for his name, Sevelda chided the reporter by holding up his name tag and asking, “can you read?”

“You must be a rich person,” said Sevelda when he suggested Dew was holidaying in Austria. “Not as rich as you are,” responded Dew.

During a subsequent confrontation, Dew told Bronner that he wouldn’t be harassed by reporters if Bilderberg published details of their conference, and that 2,000 police and a total lock down of the region was overkill.

“That’s your opinion, you’re entitled to your opinion,” said Bronner.

German reporter Tilman Knechtel, who also confronted Bilderberg steering committee member and Vice Chair of Rothschild Europe Franco Bernabè earlier in the day (see video below), also had the opportunity to speak with Rudolf Scholten, CEO of Austria’s Kontrollbank, and also a Bilderberg steering committee member.

Scholten was angered by the confrontation and walked away before one of his aides told Knechtel to stop filming.

Scholten then walked back out to the observation deck to join Karl Sevelda, who asked Knechtel who he was. Knechtel asked a number of further questions but Scholten refused to say a word.

Oscar Bronner then asked, “Would you please leave us alone, that’s not how press acts.”

“Yeah not what you’re used to, but that’s what press is supposed to do,” responded Knechtel.

Police then arrived on the scene to escort Knechtel away from the observation deck.

Being able to pin down Bilderberg members during the secretive confab is notoriously difficult because they are elusive and refuse to speak to the media.

Infowars was able to photograph innumerable Bilderbergers arriving at Innsbruck Airport, with high quality images and video to be posted later.

Scenes at the airport were sometimes frantic, with police sometimes running to keep journalists away from arriving Bilderbergers.

Ryanir CEO Michael O’Leary looked wary of journalists as he exited his vehicle.

Another Bilderberger was asked about the group’s plans for “world domination” as he entered the terminal building.

Former head of the World Bank James Wolfensohn denied that he had even attended the Bilderberg meeting.

Prime Minister of Portugal and former President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso appeared happy at being appointed as a Bilderberg steering committee member.

Klaus Kleinfeld, head of Aloca & TPP lobbyist, was one of the earlier arrivals at the airport.

Other Bilderbergers sat on the airport’s flight observation deck before they left.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

Austrians Mad As Hell At Bilderberg 2015

Austrians upset about global elite scheming in their country
Austrians Mad As Hell At Bilderberg 2015

by Rob Dew | | June 10, 2015

Infowars reporter Rob Dew talks to Austrians about the upcoming Bilderberg meeting.

Many of the Austrians we spoke to were already aware of Bilderberg; however, those that weren’t agreed that Bilderberg was a dangerous and tyrannical meeting of the minds that needed to be shut down immediately once they learned the truth.

500 Euro Fine Or 2 Weeks In Prison For Entering Giant Bilderberg “Security Zone”

Video and audio banned; Complete tyranny in place for secret elite meeting
500 Euro Fine Or 2 Weeks In Prison For Entering Giant Bilderberg "Security Zone"

by Steve Watson | InfoWars | June 10, 2015

Austrian media is reporting that a huge security zone has been drawn up around the hotel where the Bilderberg Group are meeting this weekend, and that anyone who enters the designated area will be thrown in jail for a fortnight, or subjected to a 500 euro ($565) fine.

The report from Austrian newspaper Tiroler Tageszeitung, notes that a “court ban” has been secured around the exclusive Interalpen-Hotel in Telfs, ensuring that over 130 heads of finance, government and the corporate world are able to meet in total secrecy.

Police have released a map of the security zone, which covers the entire hotel grounds as well as the main road and trails leading up to the venue from the small town of Buchen.

The ban on entering the zone came into force yesterday, 9th June, at midday, and ends on June 14th at midnight, after the Bilderbergers have left.

The provincial government announced the security zone in a press release, noting that the regulation could be repealed prematurely if police determine there is no threat to the gathered luminaries.

The ban also extends to video and audio recordings made within and around the area, according to the press release.

This explains why police have been harassing InfoWars reporters regarding “videos uploaded to YouTube.”

A 30 mile no-fly zone has also been enacted around the area, extending to drones, planes, paragliders and hang gliders.

Special police forces have been called in to operate security during the gathering. Known asCOBRA, the forces are Austria’s primary counter-terrorism special operations tactical unit. and are not part of the Austrian Federal Police but are directly under the control of the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior.

The G7 summit is also taking place in the area, prompting Germany to reimpose long discarded land border controls, and a tightening of road, rail and air travel checks.

Clearly the Bilderberg elitists do not want a repeat of the past couple of years where reporters have been able to get right up to the grounds of their chosen venue.

Last year in Copenhagen, several Bilderbergers were followed when leaving the hotel to go jogging.

In 2011 in St. Moritz, Switzerland, reporters were even able to follow Bilderberg members as they briefly ventured out on a mountain trail walk.

The no-go zone in Austria means that the alternative media will not be able to even glimpse the power-brokers without facing jail time. Given that several attendees are government representatives, and that the security operation is taxpayer funded, this is a completely egregious procedure which betrays the elitist arrogance and tyrannical nature of Bilderberg.


Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham, and a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University.

Bilderberg 2015 to Focus on Re-Branding Authoritarianism

Global elite schemes to put squeeze on ordinary citizens
Bilderberg 2015 to Focus on Re-Branding Authoritarianism

by Paul Joseph Watson | June 10, 2015

The Bilderberg Group has released its full participant list and agenda for the 2015 elitist confab days before it’s set to begin in Austria, but as ever, the topics up for discussion are so vague as to almost be meaningless. And we know that many of the most sensitive topics never appear on that list in the first place. So what’s the real agenda?

For a start, it’s unusual that Bilderberg is taking place after the G7 conference. It’s normally the other way around. This suggests that Bilderberg’s role in not only setting the consensus, but making the final call on many of these issues will be pivotal this year.

The intense security surrounding the InterAlpen Hotel, with our reporters Rob Dew and Josh Owens already having been harassed numerous times by police, illustrates how paranoid Bilderberg are about keeping the details of their agenda under wraps. Anyone who violates Bilderberg’s giant “security zone” which stretches for miles around the perimeter of the hotel faces a 500 euro fine. If they refuse or are unable to pay the fine, it’s two weeks in prison.

Artificial intelligence will be one of the core discussion topics at Bilderberg 2015. The most interesting newbie in terms of Bilderberg attendees is undoubtedly Regina Dugan – former DARPA director and now Google executive and a pioneer of ingestible ID microchips. Dugan, along with Google Chairman Eric Schmidt and Demis Hassabis, Vice President of Engineering for Google DeepMind, will scheme with global power brokers on how to grease the skids for public acceptance and adoption of Big Brother technology that otherwise wouldn’t look out of place in a dystopian sci-fi thriller.

This all ties into Bilderberg’s overarching goal of re-branding authoritarianism.

As a result of endless money printing and growing wealth inequality, the global elite has created the pre-conditions for widespread riots and civil unrest. We already had a taste of this with Ferguson and Baltimore. Now the wealthy are buying safe rooms and secret hideaways in remote locations as they prepare to hunker down for the next stage of the economic collapse. Earlier this week, Bloomberg reported that Johann Rupert, the billionaire owner of Cartier, is worried about artificial intelligence and robots replacing human workers causing class warfare and social disorder.

Make no mistake, Bilderberg wants class warfare. They want riots, because this allows the elite to exploit the chaos to pose as the saviors and introduce the solution of statist and economic totalitarianism.

If you want to get a true insight into what motivates Bilderberg, look no further than the guy who calls the shots – Henry Kissinger. All the other Bilderberg attendees – bar David Rockefeller – show deference to the former National Security Advisor.

Kissinger has always been an aggressive advocate of Realpolitik, an amoral and Machiavellian form of diplomacy and policy making which eschews morality and ethical considerations.

Kissinger has been implicated in numerous war crimes, crimes against humanity, kidnap, torture, and murder in places like Chile, Cambodia, and East Timor.

But what’s most alarming is the fact that the 92-year-old Kissinger still advises the Obama administration today. He’s been lobbying for years for regime change in Syria, which may at some stage be achieved as a result of ISIS – created partly as a result of the U.S. arming other jihadist groups in the region – taking over half of the country, something the Syrian rebels never accomplished.

Under the guise of stopping terror financing to ISIS – which only seems to have become stronger since the US and others began officially targeting the terror organization – Bilderberg will discuss imposing harsher bank regulations, eviscerating whatever financial privacy we have left, as well as a coordinated EU crackdown on the sale of precious metals.

This ties into the wider war on cash. Numerous influential voices have recently called for eliminating physical currency altogether, giving central banks and governments the power to directly control your finances under the justification of preventing an economic collapse. At its most authoritarian extreme, this means having to obtain government permission every time you withdraw or spend a moderately large sum of money. France is already set to introduce laws in September which will restrict French citizens from making cash payments over €1,000 euros.

HSBC will be represented by no less than three powerful individuals at Bilderberg. The bank was just forced to pay another $43 million dollar fine for illegal money laundering involving arms dealers and helping the wealthy avoid taxes, but that won’t stop them scheming to control your finances.

Preventing Greece from ditching the Euro and stacking the deck against the EU referendum ‘out’ vote in the United Kingdom will also be a core centerpiece of Bilderberg’s agenda going forward. The EU and the euro single currency is a pet project of Bilderberg. If that pillar of world government begins to crumble, it undermines the rest of the architecture of global government, including TPP, which again despite not being on the list, will be discussed by Bilderberg members.

TPP could also be used to sneak through draconian climate change regulations under the radar. Bilderberg is scheming ways of how to bypass Congress and directly implement the post-industrial revolution they’ve been pushing for over a decade. These measures, if fully enforced, will bankrupt the United States, cost millions of jobs, and force the country into deindustrialized debt slavery.

Geopolitcally, Bilderberg will also put pressure on recalcitrant European countries like Austria to further isolate Russia while encouraging the arming of Kiev-backed militias. Don’t be surprised to see a major confrontation between NATO and Russia before the end of the year as a result of this agenda.

After slamming the G7 as authoritarian, China has also been completely frozen out of any Bilderberg representation. The hegemonic importance of targeting Beijing’s influence in the South China Sea, again risking a potentially devastating confrontation, will be emphasized.

Another topic on the list is the US presidential election. Let’s not forget that Bilderberg almost certainly acted as kingmaker back in 2008 when both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were strongly rumored to have paid a visit to the conference in Chantilly, Virginia.

The attendance of Jim Messina of The Messina Group, the organization that ran Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign, proves that Hillary is Bilderberg’s pick for 2016. Messina is now advising Hillary Clinton. His presence at Bilderberg will be focused around ensuring none of Hillary’s potential challengers get the big bucks from the innumerable transnational banks and corporations that will also be represented at the secretive confab.

So in summary, Bilderberg’s talking points and agenda for the next 12 months;

– Further isolating Russia over Ukraine – arming Ukrainian militias and potentially stoking a major confrontation with NATO

– Strangling financial support for Hillary Clinton’s potential 2016 presidential competitors

– The elites positioning themselves as financial saviors when more riots and civil unrest

– Moving towards the abolition of cash and imposing economic totalitarianism

– Discrediting the ‘out’ campaign for the United Kingdom’s EU referendum

– Re-branding authoritarianism in anticipation of the coming economic collapse

– Finalizing the TPP as the next pillar of global government

– Dismantling China and the BRICS’ ability to challenge the unipolar system

– Selling artificial intelligence and Big Brother surveillance as “trendy” and “cool” in order to fool the general public into adopting technology that will eviscerate their livelihoods and personal privacy.

Infowars reporters Rob Dew, Josh Owens and Paul Joseph Watson will be in Austria all week covering the Bilderberg Group conference.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

Does the Austrian State Consider Infowars Reporters to be Terrorists?

Trained terrorist killers may be unleashed on journalists

by | June 9, 2015

In a report filed earlier today by Paul Joseph Watson, it was suggested that the authorities looking for Rob Dew and other Infowars reporters may be from Cobra, Austria’s elite anti-terror unit that is providing security for Bilderberg 2015.

If true, this would mean the Austrian state considers Infowars and other investigative reporters from the alternative media to be terrorists.

EKO Cobra (Einsatzkommando Cobra) is Austria’s premier anti-terror special operations tactical unit. It is not part of the Austrian Federal Police but is directly under the control of the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior.


Members have trained with some of the most elite special forces units in the world. Selected recruits attend 6 months of specialized training, including marksmanship, tactical training, sports, driver courses, abseiling/rappelling, hand-to-hand combat, language classes, and other training, according to a 2006 Spiegel TV Special.

EKO Cobra officers wear the uniform of the Austrian Federal Police with modification — they wear maroon berets to signify their elite status and EKO Cobra insignia.


Rob Dew said he was told the police may visit the Infowars team in the middle of the night. If EKO Cobra officers are involved in this operation, they will likely wear grey or black coveralls and carry tactical gear. Weaponry routinely used by EKO Cobra units include Steyr AUG assault rifles, the Steyr SSG 69 sniper rifle, and Glock 17 and Glock 19 sidearms.

If EKO Cobra is in fact looking for Infowars reporters, the message is abundantly clear: the Austrian state, through the Federal Ministry of the Interior, is acting at the behest of the global elite that will attend the Bilderberg meeting to be held at the luxury Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol.

The Bilderberg elite are eager to send a message that any sort of investigative reportage of the cabal is not only strictly forbidden, but amounts to terrorist activity.

Why the Elite Wants to Create More Social Disorder

Authoritarianism needs to be re-branded in the minds of the public
Why the Elite Wants to Create More Social Disorder

by Paul Joseph Watson | May 28, 2015

96 per cent of Americans believe that the U.S. will witness more Baltimore-style riots this summer.

The elite know these riots are coming, because to a large extent, their policies have created the environment for them.

Wealth inequality, which is proven to cause social unrest, is at its worst since before World War II.

But wealth inequality isn’t caused by a failure of capitalism, it’s caused by catastrophic Keynesian central bank policies that have instituted endless money printing and worldwide inflation.

But by blaming capitalism, leftists who warn about wealth inequality are playing right into the elite’s hands – because their solution is going to be more power in the hands of the state and central banks, the very same policies which caused the problem in the first place.

Wealth inequality is being exacerbated by a drop in real wages. As real wages fall, it will become increasingly harder to pacify younger generations via consumer culture. With religion, family and social mobility all declining in influence, lifestyles built around the acquisition of products will become harder to maintain as the economic environment worsens – prompting further disenfranchisement amongst young people.

This effect is amplified by the global political awakening acknowledged by elitists like Zbigniew Brzezinski, a political renaissance that has been driven by the increasingly widespread availability of information thanks to the Internet.

This awakening has in turn led to more distrust in government and leadership in the United States and other western countries – another precondition for civil unrest.

The toxic cocktail of increased corruption, social alienation, and lack of community (all contributory factors to the 2011 London riots), will heighten the risk of domestic disorder.

In an effort to derail this organic global political awakening, elitists like George Soros, who predicted class war and riots over three years ago, are bankrolling what on the surface appear to be grass roots uprisings in an effort to steer and divert their impact.

This is why #BlackLivesMatter – funded to the tune of $33 million dollars by Soros – has increasingly become about toxic racial division instead of addressing the true causes of police brutality.

An uprising that could have been centered on reducing state power has instead been hijacked from below by criminal opportunists and from above by the elite itself.

Now that this uprising has been subverted, the elite will use the fallout – violent riots and looting in major cities across America – to enlist support from average Americans for an increase in state power and, in the aftermath of the next financial collapse, economic totalitarianism, government controlled bank accounts, and a move towards banning cash altogether.

It’s the age old problem-reaction-solution method at play once again. They’re getting ready to re-brand authoritarianism as a populist policy and the majority of Americans will lap it up once they see more cities burning.

As Brandon Smith explains, “The international banking cult has NO INTEREST whatsoever in saving the current system, despite the assumptions of many market analysts. Their only goal has been to stave off the visible effects of the crisis until a new system is ready (psychologically justified in the public consciousness) to be put into place.”

This new system will be characterized by more authoritarianism, a bigger police state and less economic freedom.

We know that the elite are expecting this crisis because they’ve made preparations to deal with the fallout.

The New York Times reported that the wealthy are installing expensive bulletproof safe rooms in their luxury apartments and homes to protect against increased criminality, looting, and physical threats to their safety.

Economist Robert Johnson also revealed that elitists at the Davos Economic Forum told him they were buying remote hideaways in places like New Zealand to escape potential Ferguson-style uprisings on a bigger scale.

When asked, realtors selling this property said their wealthy clients were making these purchases because they were “paranoid” about “what is happening around them.”

Urban unrest experts like Dr. Max Herman say that the United States is on the cusp of a new cycle of civil unrest. Economist Martin Armstrong predicts that “a serious political uprising will erupt by 2016″ in the United States.

I wouldn’t go that far, but it’s virtually guaranteed that we will see more widespread domestic disorder over the next two years if we continue to follow these disastrous Keynesian economic policies and allow populist social justice movements to be hijacked and subverted by the powers that be.

What’s most striking about this is that the vast majority of people simply do not care and are willing to sit idly by – distracted by the bread and circuses even as Rome collapses around them.

The elite are busy making preparations for the outcome of this next phase of the crisis….are you?

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

Neo-Feudal USA: The Death of Democracy

In neo-feudal America, the financial aristocracy and political elite are judged under a different set of laws
Neo-Feudal USA: The Death of Democracy

by Gerald Celente | Trends Journal | May 27, 2015

Neither a conspiracy nor conjecture: By every quantitative measure, 21st century America has degenerated from being the beacon of democracy to a neo-feudal state.

From crime and punishment to the vast wealth and income-inequality gap, the rules are different for the political elite and economic nobility than they are for the common man bound to live by the letter of the law and brought to justice for minor infractions — all while political insiders, corporate charlatans and financial bandits are left free to rape, pillage and plunder.

What should have been headline news and met with outrage last Wednesday barely made the front page of newspapers or the top of broadcast news. Deemed not as important as the murder of a wealthy family who lived near Vice President Biden, or the motorcycle gang war that left nine dead, five of the world’s largest banks, including JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup, pleaded guilty to felony charges for rigging the $5.3 trillion-a-day foreign-exchange markets.

Regardless of “brazenly illegal behavior” on a “massive scale,” the trend is clear: Despite a long track record of “breathtaking flagrancy” of stealing billions, the government, in case after case, gently hits banks with a slap-on-the-wrist fine — and not one top bankster is sent to jail.

It’s the same with whistleblowers and those who leak government information — more of whom the Obama Administration has sent to prison that all presidents combined. And when Washington insider, former general and CIA Director David Petraeus is caught giving his mistress classified material for her book, a small fine and no prison time result.

Cross the yellow line when driving, taillight out, don’t put on the turn signal, don’t lower the high beams, had one drink too many, can’t say the alphabet backward while standing on one foot… hefty fines and/or a handcuffed ride to the police station. Too poor to pay child support, missed a court date? Jail time.

Caught with a piece of crack the size of a kernel of popcorn, some marijuana, busted for shoplifting? Fifteen years in the prison industrial complex… or life without parole for the over 3,000 who committed non-violent crimes.

As with other articles and amendments to the Constitution that have been abrogated, We the Little People lost our right to have “equal protection of the laws.”

In neo-feudal America, the financial aristocracy and political elite are judged under a different set of laws.