Secret Cameras Record Baltimore’s Every Move From Above


A Former Baltimore Cop Just Tweeted All the Horrid Corruption He Saw on the Job

Shocking incidents revealed

by Matt Agorist | Free Thought Project | June 25, 2015

If one had any doubt about the horrid behind the scenes reality of corrupt cops, that doubt will now be laid to rest.

Former Baltimore police officer, Michael A. Wood Jr., has had enough. On Wednesday morning, he released a series of Tweets describing the despicable nature of his department, including telling the world about cops “Pissing and shitting inside suspects homes during raids, on their beds and clothes.”

According to VICE,

Wood decided to tell his story after he “virtually begged local media to give [him] a voice.” Wood previously spoke out about his time in the force during a radio interview. A spokesperson for the Baltimore Police Department confirmed to the Huffington Post that Wood was a former officer who retired last year.

The Tweets below will shock the conscience and they should also serve as a wake-up call to those still asleep to the brutal reality that is the American Police State.

‘Urban Unrest’ Expert: U.S. on the “Cusp” of a Cycle of Riots

More domestic disorder coming in the aftermath of Ferguson & Baltimore
'Urban Unrest' Expert: U.S. on the "Cusp" of a Cycle of Riots

by Paul Joseph Watson | May 12, 2015

Urban unrest expert Dr. Max Herman says that the United States is on the “cusp” of a wave of domestic disorder and that the country will see more race riots.

Herman, Assistant Professor of Sociology at New Jersey City University, told the New Republic’s Joel Gillin that the economic downturn, in addition to incidents of police brutality, have provided fertile conditions for civil unrest.

He sees the re-emergence of a 60’s-style “protest ideology” amongst black communities which will lead to more disorder.

“It’s very clear from studying history that these things tend to run in cycles,” said Herman, adding, “I think we are at the cusp of another cycle.”

Herman’s verdict correlates with a NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released earlier this month which found that a whopping 96 per cent of Americans said they expected to see more racially-driven unrest this summer.

Dan Braha, a professor at the University of Massachusetts, also said that such riots are foreseeable based on social media trends, arguing that a “prediction regarding ‘when’ and ‘where’ becomes more precise on short time scales.”

The article points to numerous different studies which suggest that the numerical size of an area’s black population is a key determining factor as to where riots will take place, taking precedence over other factors such as income differences, the unemployment of blacks compared to whites, and the responsiveness of the political system towards blacks.

As we have previously highlighted, the wealthy are certainly of the opinion that more civil unrest is on the way and have made preparations to steer well clear of any trouble.

During the Davos Economic Forum in January, economist Robert Johnson made headlines when he revealed that “hedge fund managers all over the world….are buying airstrips and farms in places like New Zealand because they think they need a getaway.”

In a follow up interview, Johnson cited the riots in Ferguson, Missouri as the reason why, “A lot of wealthy and powerful people are quite afraid right now – they see us on an unstable trajectory.”

Last month, Baltimore was hit by several days of rioting and looting in response to the death of Freddie Gray, a drug dealer who died as a result of injuries allegedly sustained during him being transported in a police van.

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About TWO DOZEN Murders Have Happened In Baltimore Since Freddie Gray Fell Into Coma

The city of Baltimore, Md. has been home to roughly two dozen murders since police arrested Freddie Gray on April 12 for possession of an illegal switchblade
About TWO DOZEN Murders Have Happened In Baltimore Since Freddie Gray Fell Into Coma

by Daily Caller | Eric Owens | May 10, 2015

The city of Baltimore, Md. has been home to roughly two dozen murders since police arrested Freddie Gray on April 12 for possession of an illegal switchblade.

At some point while police were transporting Gray in a police van, he fell into a coma. Police then took the 25-year-old man to a trauma center, where he died 10 days later.

Meanwhile, searchable data from The Baltimore Sun shows that 26 homicides have occurred in the city limits of Baltimore during the last 30 days — or since April 9.

The cause of death in one murder case was blunt force, police say. The victim in that case was two-year-old Tyleah Fenwick, according to local NBC station WBAL-TV.

Full article here

Source: Baltimore Police Officers Want To Oust The Mayor [VIDEO]

“You had no idea what it did to us as police officers to sit there.”

by Daily Caller | Heather Smith | May 3, 2015

During a Baltimore-based radio talk show on Thursday, a man who identified himself as a Baltimore police officer named “Jeff” called into the program and said fellow police officers were organizing to push out the city’s mayor.

“There is right now over 50 of us officers who are immediately asking for [Baltimore Mayor] Stephanie Rawlings-Blake to step down for what she did to us Monday,” the caller told WBAL radio host Derek Hunter.

The Baltimore mayor has denied giving “stand down” orders and blamed the media for misinterpreting her comments about providing “a space” for protesters to loot.

“Any other time in my career, if somebody were to throw a brick or a block at me, we would take immediate actions to pull our weapons on them. Numerous times on Monday when our officers were being injured, our commanders are telling us ‘stand down, stand down.’  You had no idea what it did to us as police officers to sit there,” said the self-described “21-year veteran” of the Baltimore police department.

Full article here

Fox News Posts Fake Baltimore Riot Photo That’s Actually From Venezuela

Just imagine how much else they are lying to us about!
Fox News Posts Fake Baltimore Riot Photo That’s Actually From Venezuela

by Counter Current News | May 3, 2015

If you are like thousands of others, you have no doubt seen an iconic photo of Baltimore burning. The image began circulating throughout social media after a local Fox affiliate in Memphis, Tennessee apparently first ran it. Some other mainstream media outlets even shared the image, using it with headlines that said “Baltimore is Burning” and referenced a “purge”.

The only problem is it wasn’t from Baltimore.

That’s right, the image was taken from Venezuela, not Baltimore. But for those who accepted Fox’s rendition of the story uncritically, the image became burned into their minds as being a scene of devastation in Baltimore.

On April 27th, local FOX13 claimed the photo of the fires burning everything except the golden arches at McDonalds was “Baltimore In Flames.”

Reverb Nation notes that one viewer noticed the image and placed it right away. They thought the image looked familiar, and pointed out that the story on the CVS burning was not Baltimore at all.

The Imgur user said: “Now I understand why people mock Fox news so much…”

After racking up tens of thousands of views, Fox acknowledged the “error,” saying: “Our team didn’t fact check the picture the way we should have.”


Just imagine if Fox hadn’t been called out on this? How many more stations would continue to run it as an actual image of Baltimore in flames? Just imagine how much else they are lying to us about!

Freddie Gray: Baltimore Rough Ride Victim?

In a rough ride, suspects are usually handcuffed in the back of the vehicle without being secured by a seatbelt
Freddie Gray: Baltimore Rough Ride Victim?

by Jon Bowne | | May 2, 2015

Sources say that Freddie Gray died as a result of slamming his head inside the police van he was being transported in.

It appears Gray may have been subjected to the police brutality tactic known as a “rough ride.”

In a rough ride, suspects are usually handcuffed in the back of the vehicle without being secured by a seatbelt. They are then assaulted by the erratic driving of the police van driver. One sharp turn or sudden stop can do as much or more abuse than an actual physical assault.

Communists Lead Protest Against Baltimore Police

Infamous hammer and sickle flag flown at protest

by | May 2, 2015

Alex Jones witnessed a protest march led by communists bearing the infamous hammer and sickle flag.

Dozens of people marched shouting angry slogans while oblivious to the dark meaning behind the standard.

They were blissfully unaware they were pawns in the globalists’ divisive scheme to hijack the anger against the police to further the establishment’s agenda.

Sharpton: Federalize Cops and Fight Against States’ Rights

Libertarians are trying to create a new Civil War by insisting on the 10th Amendment

by Kurt Nimmo | | May 1, 2015

The Rev. Al Sharpton is calling for the Justice Department to “take over policing in this country.” He also told The Baltimore Sun “we’re going to have to fight states’ rights.”

Sharpton said, “we need the Justice Department to step in and take over policing in this country. In the 20th century, they had to fight states’ rights in — to get the right to vote. We’re going to have to fight states’ rights in terms of closing down police cases.”

In 2012 Sharpton attacked the founding principle of states’ rights when he said libertarians were attempting to create a “21st-century version of the Civil War” by advocating on behalf of states’ rights.

“States rights has always been the enemy of civil rights. The idea of the civil rights movement was for the federal government to protect citizens, not leave them alone,” Sharpton said in 2011 during he NAACP State Convention.

Sharpton’s “On the Issues” page states his belief states’ rights are “dangerous.” He argues that because of rights specified in the Constitution “we ended up with slavery and segregation.”

These ideas are at odds with the philosophy of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Both argue that government exists not to confer and invent new rights, but to secure natural rights, the fundamental rights of individuals and not the prerogatives of the collective.

The Tenth Amendment of the Constitution unequivocally delegates authority to the people:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

The Obama administration has continued a move initiated during the Clinton era to federalize state and local police. Earlier this year Obama introduced a “Task Force on 21st Century Policing” that imposes federal standards and state and local police.

“The Justice Department agency that would be responsible for bribing and bludgeoning police agencies into submission to Obama’s ‘national standards’ is also among the outfits that have been abused to militarize law enforcement all across America,” writes Alex Newman. “As The New American reported last year amid the George Soros-funded chaos in Ferguson, Obama attacked the militarization of law enforcement — even though his administration has played a crucial role in militarizing police departments nationwide. The federal government, of course, has no constitutional authority to meddle in state and local law enforcement to begin with.”