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Not just Dallas or Baton Rouge, cops killed across U.S.

When five police officers were killed and nine wounded in an attack during a protest march in Dallas on July 7, it rattled the nation.

Ten days later, three officers were killed and three injured in Baton Rouge, La., as they were responding to a call about a suspicious person with an assault rifle.

Between the two attacks, law enforcement officers from Georgia to Michigan were shot in incidents that drew far less attention but have added to the growing sense that it’s a dangerous time to be a cop.

With the Dallas shootings, 31 law enforcement officers have died in the line of duty so far this year, compared with 18 officers who had died at this point in 2015, according the statistics from the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.

Nick Breul, director of research for the memorial fund and a former Washington, D.C., police officer, said that there have also been a number of surprise attacks targeting and killing police officers.

“As we see increases, it becomes very concerning, particularly when you see increases in the cases of the nature of Dallas,” Breul said.

“Certainly there is a climate now — and the Dallas case indicates that there is a climate now — that certainly should have police on guard,” he added.

A black Army veteran, Lakeem Keon Scott, targeted police in a shooting on July 7 along a highway in Bristol, Tenn., authorities said. One woman was killed and three other people were injured, including one officer who is white. Scott was charged with one count of first-degree murder and seven counts of attempted first-degree murder.

“Preliminarily, the investigation reveals Scott targeted individuals and officers after being troubled by recent incidents involving African Americans and law enforcement officers,” authorities from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said in a statement.

An officer in the St. Louis suburb of Ballwin, Mo., was shot from behind and critically injured during a traffic stop while he was walking back to his patrol car on July 8, the day after the Dallas shooting.

“A direct attack on an officer like this is not common. It was a very open and very blatant ambush,” said Officer Benjamin Granda of the St. Louis County Police Department. The officer is white and the suspected shooter is black, but Granda declined to speculate about whether the attack had racial overtones.

The same day in Valdosta, Ga., a shooter lured an officer to his house with a 911 call and then opened fire, authorities said. The man, a recovering drug addict, said he “wanted the police to shoot him as he wanted to die,” according to a Georgia Bureau of Investigation news release. Both the shooter and the officer survived bullet wounds, authorities said.

Also on July 8 in Georgia, another officer on patrol became a target when a motorist pulled up and fired at him in Roswell, north of Atlanta. The officer was not injured, and a suspect was taken into custody. But authorities have not commented on the gunman’s motives.

Roswell Det. Zachary Frommer told WSB-TV news that officers were already on high alert after the attacks in Dallas.

“Then something like this happens and it just perks us up even more,” Frommer said.

The violence continued after the weekend when two court bailiffs, both former policemen, were shot and killed by an inmate inside the Berrien County Courthouse in Michigan. A sheriff’s deputy in the courthouse was wounded, and the gunman was later shot and killed.

Kim Fowler, a former law enforcement officer who knew both the slain bailiffs, said that growing violence is a danger to police, but officers try not to dwell on the risks when they are doing their job.

“They can’t sit around thinking about it, and they don’t,” he said. “All you can do is try your best to prepare. You can’t stop doing your normal activities or your everyday police work in taking care of the public.”




July 17, 3:47 p.m.: This article was updated with the deaths of three police officers in Baton Rouge, La.

This article was originally published July 13 at 3 a.m.

Homemade Southern Banana Pudding

Recipe: Homemade Southern Banana Pudding

©From the Kitchen of Deep South Dish

Prep time: 20 min | Yield: About 12 servings


  • 3 large eggs, separated
  • 3/4 cup granulated sugar, divided to 1/2 and 1/4 cups
  • 1/3 cup all-purpose flour
  • Pinch kosher salt
  • 3 cups whole milk (not reduced or low fat)
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • 1 box vanilla wafer cookies
  • 4 to 6 ripe bananas, sliced
  • Pinch cream of tartar


Separate the egg whites and yolks into separate bowls; set aside the whites at room temperature to make meringue. In the top of a double-boiler (I use a stainless one), whisk together 1/2 cup of the sugar with the flour, salt, and milk. Whisk in the yolks until blended. Cook, using a wooden spoon to stir regularly (do not whisk), until custard thickens (at about 170 degrees F). Remove top bowl, whisk in the vanilla until mixture is smooth and set aside. Mixture will continue to thicken as it sits.

In a 1-1/2 quart sized bowl or baking dish, begin layering two or three layers of wafers, bananas and custard. Smear a small amount of the custard on the bottom of your dish; add a layer of the wafers on top of the custard and also around the outside of bowl with the rounded tops facing out, if desired. Top the layer of wafers with banana slices, top that with custard and repeat layers, ending with custard on top. Set aside.

Make the meringue by beating the egg whites on low speed until they begin to look frothy. Add in the cream of tartar, increase speed to medium and beat until soft peaks begin to form, gradually adding in the remaining 1/4 cup of sugar. Beat until stiff peaks begin to form. Spread the meringue all over the top of the last layer of custard, spreading it completely out to the edges. Using a spatula, create some swirls on top and place pudding under the broiler, with the door ajar, for a few seconds, only long enough to brown the peaks and edges of the meringue. Alternatively, you can bake it at 350 degrees for about 15 to 20 minutes or until browned. Let pudding rest for 1 hour, or refrigerate for up to 4 hours before serving. Garnish with a sprinkling of crushed wafers, if desired. Makes about 12, 2/3 cup servings – double custard recipe for a larger bowl.

Cook’s Notes: When taking this to a holiday or other event, I double the custard portion of the recipe. Depending on your size bowl (mine is 10″ across and 3″ deep), you might want to do the same!

Please note that I use large eggs and 3 cups whole milk, not reduced or low fat. If you have never made a homemade egg custard before, understand that it must be cooked slowly and it simply takes time to thicken, but stick with it and eventually it will get thick.

I always recommend preparing it with a double-boiler method which is slow, but faster than stovetop and you are less likely to curdle or burn the custard, which happens easily with a direct stovetop method. As long as you follow the recipe and continue to cook it, it will thicken, but you must practice patience. I use a stainless double boiler, and once the water begins to boil, the custard takes from 6 to 8 minutes to thicken. Once the top bowl is removed from the double boiler, the custard will continue to thicken.

Another Court In The U.S. Has Ruled Off-Grid Living Illegal

Tyler Truitt. Image source: AL.com

Green living and sustainable energy are encouraged in Huntsville, Alabama, just as long as you do not practice such an off-grid life within the city limits.

Marine veteran Tyler Truitt discovered that the hard way when the city condemned his off-grid retreat because he chose not to use city utilities – and a judge subsequently upheld the city’s decision.

This year he installed solar panels in the front yard, a composting toilet in the trailer, and placed a 550-gallon plastic tank outside his trailer home to catch rainwater. But the city said he can’t live that way, and it has placed a yellow “unsafe building” sticker on the outside of the trailer.

The home sits on two acres of land at the end of a road.

A municipal judge found Truitt guilty of zoning violations, although he has appealed to the Circuit Court and wants a jury trial. The case has similarities to the one involving Robin Speronis, the Florida woman whose city told her she couldn’t live off grid.

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“They’re taking a big option away from families that can’t afford to build a fancy house,” Truitt said of Huntsville’s Community Development Department. Huntsville’s Code of Ordinances also bans mobile homes outside of trailer parks.

“I have looked and didn’t see anything (in Huntsville’s Code of Ordinances) which says I’m not allowed to use off-grid utilities,” Truitt told Al.com, which broke the story. “They claim that it’s not sufficient to use off-grid utilities because it’s not a ‘permanent’ source of power.”

Truitt, 27, served in the Marines before working at Redstone Arsenal, an Army base in Huntsville.

Off-Grid Living a Threat to Public Safety?

The city gave Truitt until June 1 to bring the trailer up to code, but he and his girlfriend aren’t moving, and he’s chosen to take the city to court.

City officials defended the actions.

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“The purpose behind these requirements is public safety,” Kelly Schrimsher, the communications director for Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle, told Al.com. “This includes ensuring that occupants of a residential dwelling have safe, potable, running water and electricity, particularly in the wintertime. The city has posted the property as ‘Unsafe’ for this reason.”

Solar panels in the front yard. Image source: AL.com

The city of Huntsville owns Huntsville Utilities.

“We encourage green environmental living, and we request interested citizens go through proper channels,” Schrimsher said. “Our departments stand ready and willing to guide them through the appropriate permitting process.”

‘We’re Not Bothering Anyone’

Truitt’s real crime may be choosing to live within the city limits, Huntsville Community Development Director Ken Benion said. Benion told Al.com that Truitt’s home likely would be permissible in rural areas in the county.

“But in the city, it just doesn’t fly,” Benion said.

Truitt isn’t giving up.

“We’re not bothering anyone,” Truitt said. “I just wanted to have something that would be debt-free, so that if I chose to go to school full-time I wouldn’t have to worry about any bills.”

The couple uses a propane water heater and cooks on a propane grill and in the microwave, the website reported.

Truitt believes it’s a matter of civil disobedience to stay in the trailer.

“Would the city rather us be homeless than live in a house that they don’t like?” Truitt asked. “At what point is someone going to stand up and say, ‘This doesn’t make any sense, this is wrong.’”

George Noory: The Coming Staged Alien Invasion

Such a hypothetical “invasion” would be exploited to usher in world government

by The Alex Jones Show | June 16, 2015

George Noory, host of the nationally syndicated program Coast to Coast AM, joins the show to discuss the tense political landscape and his upcoming speaking engagement in Toronto with Alex Jones.


– In The Report from Iron Mountain published in 1967, just as the Pentagon’s lucrative Vietnam War was being revved into high gear, establishment braintrusters confirmed that perpetual war is absolutely vital for controlling and manipulating the masses. The document even suggested a number of options for creating fictitious enemies, noting that perpetual war induces populations to give blind allegiance to political authority.(52)

Investigative Report: Jade Helm Mystery Solved

In-depth, three-month investigation by Infowars uncovers real meaning behind Jade Helm
Investigative Report: Jade Helm Mystery Solved

by Infowars.com | June 16, 2015

In this special report, Jakari Jackson breaks down what “Master the Human Domain” really means and how it will be put to use.


Jade Helm 15: a military exercise on an unprecedented scale.

The military claims the exercise is for overseas training, yet actual states have been listed as “hostile.”

The term, “Mastering the Human Domain,” reveals to us that Jade Helm 15 is more than just a military exercise, it’s also an exercise of the new field in geo-spatial intelligence using human domain analytics to map the politics and thoughts of any nation, state, city, right down to the individual.

In a recent Infowars.com report: “Master the Human Domain: The Domestic Plan Behind Jade Helm,” we break down what the motto which appears on the Jade Helm logo refers to.

In brief, a new discipline in intelligence has been at center stage for the past decade: Activity Based Intelligence or ABI.

In 2010, guidance papers on Surveillance for Irregular Warfare and Understanding the Human Dimension was released by the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense.

According to Trajectory Magazine.com, “The Human Domain, or Human Dimension, which is a vital and integral part of ABI, is defined as the presence, activities (including transactions – both physical and virtual), culture, social structure/organization, networks and relationships, motivation, intent, vulnerabilities, and capabilities of humans (single or groups) across all domains of the operational environment (Space, Air, Maritime, Ground, and Cyber).”

This article goes on to say that the focus on “mastering the human domain” was born out of a merging of three already existing disciplines of intelligence. That may be the case for this branding of this idea for this specific program, but the exercise of the mapping of the human domain right down to the individual is a long standing institutionalized strategy that’s been going on for well over 100 years.

What reason would the United States government have to invest so much time, resources and money in order to pinpoint exact pockets of thought in a country founded on free thought, expression and most of all outspoken words against its own government? Perhaps there’s more here than meets the eye.

During his infamous farewell address, Eisenhower warned the American people of an eminent and internal threat: a ‘scientific elite.’ The title, “Scientific Elite’, to most Americans might seem like nothing more than ordinary intangible rhetoric typically thrown around by politicians during their speeches. This time however, Eisenhower was not using abstractions. There actually is a scientific elite, a group of people who believe that society should be ruled by scientists through the use of the scientific method applied to the masses.

This report will map out this scientific elite from World War II up until the present. Jade Helm 15 is anything but the American way; it’s a domestic scientific control grid whose purpose is domination and control. A technological infrastructure for authoritarian political control is not the end goal, but a means to that end goal of eugenics.

The term Eugenics, coined by Charles Darwin’s half cousin, Sir Francis Galton in 1883 is a science dedicated to the engineering of the human genome by selectively breeding those humans with ‘desirable’ qualities (such as intelligence, athleticism, etc.) and eliminating those humans without these attributes and eliminating all undesirable races of humans as well. Out of this, race theory and race science was born. Karl Pearson, a protégé of Galton, assembled a biometrics laboratory based out of the University of London in 1907 in order to collect data about people mostly based on race. As interest, in eugenics grew, Pearson’s journal entitled, “Biometrika,” became very influential with American and British scientists and financiers.

As this movement grew in popularity top American industrialists threw their money into the game. Carnegie, Harrimon and Rockefeller were among the top contributors. California became the eugenics capital of the world while on the east coast Cold Springs Harbor research facility located on Long Island N.Y. was collecting and storing biometric information on average Americans in order to begin the elimination of families, as well as entire races of people.

Through the efforts of the Californian eugenicists, mostly through written pamphlets, and endowments mostly from the Rockefellers and Harrimons, the eugenics movement found a second home in Germany in the Kaiser Wilhelm institute.

The then CEO of IBM, Thomas J Watson, worked hand in hand with Nazi Germany. In 1933, it was Watson who enthusiastically helped the Nazis plan and fund their national census, which according to historian Edwin Black in his 2001 publication ‘IBM and the Holocaust,’ the 1933 census with design help and tabulation services provided by IBM through its German subsidiary, proved to be pivotal to the Nazis in their efforts to identify, isolate, and ultimately destroy the country’s Jewish, Gypsy and other minority communities as well as single out political opposition. A similar and frighteningly more advanced version of this program is being tested right now under the name Jade Helm 15. The technology has finally caught up.

This pre-WWII, well-funded, international scientific community, based around the eugenics movement was cementing its place as a standard in human academia when World War II broke out in full scale. While much of the world was forever altered by the events of the war, this eugenics based scientific community remained together.

While the term “eugenics” is no longer used in the mainstream openly, the practice of eugenics is still around and stronger than ever. Jade Helm 15 exercises the next generation of technology in the arena of political domination. It is a technological leap beyond the Cold Springs Harbor Research facilities biometrics program or Thomas J Watson’s census of Germany. Jade Helm 15 exercises the new tech tools of political domination in order to facilitate the new eugenics.

We know that Jade Helm which is being called an “exercise” is being conducted on US soil with ten participating states. Actual states are deemed ‘Hostile Territory’. The exercise documents say that there will be troops on the ground with instructions to blend in as best they can with the civilian population. And again, we see on the Jade Helm logo the slogan “Mastering the Human Domain”

“The human domain encompasses the totality of the physical, cultural, and social environments that influence human behavior”, explained Admiral McRaven to the audience at an Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis-Tufts University Fletcher School conference. “Success in this domain won’t be achieved by traditional ground, naval or air forces, Instead, success in the human domain will depend upon understanding the human terrain and establishing trust with those humans who occupy that space.” McRaven continued by saying, “Building understanding of the human domain requires boots on the ground, feeding information into the network.”

With all of the tracking technology currently available, with the NSA openly collecting all of our data, and with all of our willingness to share our lives online, according to Adm. McRaven, special operation forces on the ground is the required added ingredient to bring all of this information together into a large accessible network; a living active map where human beings are movable real time landmarks and everyone’s personal thoughts, feelings, medical information, belief systems, history, basically every shred of information about the individuals in any region on that map will make up the terrain. When “mastering the human domain” the special operators are the masters. They are the key that turns this whole machine on.

And regardless of whether the military calls this project Activity Based Intelligence (ABI) or Geo-Spatial intelligence coupled with human domain analytics, what we are looking at is a nexus between private tech firms, Homeland Security and law enforcement domestic surveillance and domestic use of special forces.

During the 2012 GeoInt conference the concept of using the power of space and time and it’s ability to enable more accurate predictions. A tech startup, Recorded Future, that uses a system of filtering through and classifying open source data demonstrated their predictive analytics capability during the 2012 conference. Trajectory magazine reports, “The concept is to find people who are talking about the future. Analysts can use that information, fused with their own data, to predict the future in recommendations to decision makers. Government officials can monitor protests in other countries or meetings between other governments’ officials.” Vice president for Recorded Future, Matt Kodema says, “We can basically roll back the clock…We know this particular did happen in this time at this place. Now let’s go back a week before that and look at publications. Who was predicting that accurately? Who wasn’t?”

Add this layer of predictive analytics on top of the other “Human Domain Analytic” and you begin to get an idea of the scope and range of the overarching, inescapable control grid these scientific controllers are constructing.

At that same GeoInt conference in 2012, Jeff Jonas, the chief scientist for IBM Entity Analytics and an IBM fellow, talked about the potential for open source data utilization. He said, “So much of this data is out there and so much of this data is coming, and it’s going to be extraordinary what it’s going to do.” Jonas went on to add in typical IBM tradition, “Space-time-travel data is the ultimate biometric.” It seems that IBM and the scientific elite’s perspective shifted from “the master race” to “mastering the human domain.”

Just like Recorded Future’s ability to review open source data and determine who was saying what during the moments that lead up to a disaster, we too have this same ability, to go back through history and trace the events that took place leading up to a man-made disaster. One of the clearest cases in twentieth century history where a group of technocrats attempted to steer the course of human evolution through (what they felt were) scientific means, is of course Nazi Germany. So, if we take a few steps backwards from that point in history and look at what the groups involved in that humanitarian disaster were involved in, we’ll find that they too were setting up, as Zbigniew Brzezinski predicted in his 1970 publication, “Between Two Ages,” a grid to “assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.”

So, we probably won’t see doors kicked in and military trucks shipping political opponents to their demise during this summer’s Jade Helm 15 military procedure. However, as Brzezinski also states in “Between Two Ages,” “The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society.”

Just like Watson’s census was not the end sought by the Nazis, neither is Jade Helm 15 an end, but a means to a historically predictable end.

Texas To Remove One Billion In Gold From NY Fed’s Vault

June 15, 2015, by Ken Jorgustin


During 2011 an endowment which oversees funds held by the University of Texas System and Texas A&M University, had taken possession of physical 6,643 bars of bullion gold, or 664,300 ounces, in a Comex-registered vault in New York owned by HSBC, a London-based bank (as opposed to ‘paper gold’ as in the Exchange-traded Fund, ‘GLD’).

And now, in 2015, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has signed a bill (HB 483) into law on Friday, June 12, that will allow Texas to build a gold and silver bullion depository. In addition, Texas will repatriate their $1 billion worth of bullion from the Federal Reserve in New York to the new facility once completed.

The writing is on the wall – institutions are losing faith and trust – and are transitioning or converting into ‘physical’ ‘real’ money, before it’s too late…


“In a lot of cases with gold you may not have clear title to the metal. You may have a counterparty relationship that makes you a creditor. If the counterparty has a problem unrelated to gold, they can default and then you become an unsecured creditor in bankruptcy,” said Keith Weiner, president of the Gold Standard Institute.

This means you get whatever is left after liquidation, often just a fraction of the initial value of your holdings.

There is so much evidence and examples out there of entities who are positioning themselves for major financial upheaval, that even the mainstream is losing its ‘rosy’ propaganda battle as ‘the emperor fiddles while Rome burns’ (or while the band plays as the Titanic sinks).

Personally, I am admirable of Texas for taking this step of self-responsibility and self-reliance. I’m sure the Fed won’t like this…

(just thought you might want to know)

BREAKING: Police Seize 6 Children Simply Because Family Was Camping

Stock photo

A Michigan family which had dreams of camping during the summer in the great outdoors was horrified when state officials seized their six children simply because they were temporarily living in tents, Off The Grid News has learned.

The nightmare experience for Christopher and Antonia Hernandez began May 19 when Otsego County sheriff deputies and a CPS official took their children, and ended June 10 when their children were returned after the parents won a court ruling based on the fact the mother and children are eligible for enrollment in the Tlingit Native American tribe. The federal Indian Child Welfare Act makes it more difficult for state officials to separate Native American families. Michigan has a similar state law.

If the family had not had the Tlingit link, the case still would be ongoing, with the children still in foster care.

But the removal never should have taken place, Christopher and Antonia told Off The Grid News, which has read the court documents – one of which criticizes the family for not having electricity or a water source. The family was near a state park and had purchased a pass to shower and bathe there. The parents also had a generator.

They had been living in the tents for nine days when police arrived.

“The government has tried to standardize what a home is and what a home must have, without consideration for if the children’s needs are being met or not,” Christopher and Antonia said in a joint statement. “This was not a case of neglect, but a case of the government telling us how we have to raise our children — that we must have running water, we must have electricity and we can’t stay in a tent for the summer. To the government it makes no difference if the children are happy and healthy. We need to conform to their idea of normal or they can take your children away.

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They added, “Taking children from families needs to be limited to clear cases of neglect and abuse. It should be every parent’s right to raise their children as they see fit, unless the government can prove that what the parent is doing is actually harming the child.”

The children, ages seven months, 2, 4, 6, 15 and 17, had been living in the three tents – two of which were large nine-person tents – when the controversy began.

“Our family decided to go camping for the summer to a 10-acre property we are buying,” Antonia said, noting they do own a house. “We had intended to stay the summer while we finalized plans on what we were going to do with our lives. We cannot say we would have stayed the whole summer due to the fact Christopher is donating a kidney to his mother and we may have been called home to do the surgery at any point. If this were to happen we planned to return home for the duration of the surgery and the recovery period however long that was.”

The parents simply “wanted our children to experience the outdoors” – and perhaps see if they wanted to live off-grid permanently.

The Hernandez family

“We purchased several chickens, a couple of turkey and a couple of ducks so we could try and provide a portion of our food needs,” Antonia said. “… We set up one tent as storage for our tools, as I do a lot of woodworking. Another tent was set up as a closet to house our clothes and diapers, etc. As you can imagine, with six children we have a lot of clothes and other miscellaneous items. Our third tent was set up as a kitchen.”

The family also had:

  • A natural gas stove the parents converted to propane for cooking food and heating water.
  • Six five-gallon containers of water they refilled at the local Walmart. They also were collecting rainwater.
  • Several solar lights.
  • A generator.

On May 19, the parents left the property to do laundry at a laundromat, as well as to buy food and some fencing for the animals. The younger children were left in the care of their 15-year-old son, who is nearly 16.

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“When we arrived back, the Otsego County Sheriff’s Department was at the property claiming to have received a report of squatters on the land,” Antonia said. “We provided documentation of our right to be on the land, which was verified the next day by the land owner.”

A CPS representative also was on the property, and had concerns about the living conditions. CPS made four allegations, according to the official court document:

  • The family was not in a “stable living environment.”
  • The family had no electricity or water source, and was using kerosene as a means of heat.
  • The children were playing in the woods, cared for by a 15 year old.
  • The youngest child had a diaper rash.
  • The 17-year-old girl, who has Cerebral Palsy, was cold.

Antonia told Off The Grid News she knew of the diaper rash and it had been healing. The 17-year-old girl had a temperature of 96, but Antonia said this was after sheriff deputies and CPS “had the tent flap completely open for at least an hour and a half.” When she was admitted to the hospital it was 97.7.

“I witnessed her without covers for at least part of that time,” Antonia said. “I was told by her case worker that the doctor who examined her said she was very well taken care of.”

As for the children playing outside in the cold, “none of the children were displaying any signs of being cold — shivering or teeth chattering. As a matter of fact, they kept taking off their coats, which to me indicates that they were not cold.”

None of the allegations, he said, warranted removal of the children.

“We were given no other option to either return to the house we own or to obtain a hotel room until we could go to court,” she said. “By law, they are required to a reasonable effort to prevent or eliminate the need for removal as required by law.”

The case is now closed, and with their children back in their care, the parents have decided not to return to the property.

“It is a sad that they were out of our care for 21 days because we were camping,” she said.

Bilderberg Media Mogul Confronted at Airport

Members of elite confab grilled on Bilderberg secrecy

by Paul Joseph Watson | June 14, 2015

Austrian media mogul Oscar Bronner, along with several other Bilderberg members were confronted by Infowars reporters as they arrived at Innsbruck Airport after the conclusion of the secretive conference.

Bronner, publisher of Der Standard, a major national daily broadsheet newspaper published in Vienna, spent the last few days meeting with influential power brokers from the world of politics, media, academia, business and banking at the elitist confab in Telfs, Austria, safely enclosed behind a huge security operation enforced by over 2,000 police.

Bronner stated, “It was a very interesting meeting,” before referring to the Bilderberg Group’s official website for the list of topics that were discussed (the topics are so vague as to be almost meaningless).

Infowars reporter Rob Dew also spoke with Karl Sevelda, CEO of Austria’s Raiffeisen Bank, who was traveling with Bronner.

When Dew asked for his name, Sevelda chided the reporter by holding up his name tag and asking, “can you read?”

“You must be a rich person,” said Sevelda when he suggested Dew was holidaying in Austria. “Not as rich as you are,” responded Dew.

During a subsequent confrontation, Dew told Bronner that he wouldn’t be harassed by reporters if Bilderberg published details of their conference, and that 2,000 police and a total lock down of the region was overkill.

“That’s your opinion, you’re entitled to your opinion,” said Bronner.

German reporter Tilman Knechtel, who also confronted Bilderberg steering committee member and Vice Chair of Rothschild Europe Franco Bernabè earlier in the day (see video below), also had the opportunity to speak with Rudolf Scholten, CEO of Austria’s Kontrollbank, and also a Bilderberg steering committee member.

Scholten was angered by the confrontation and walked away before one of his aides told Knechtel to stop filming.

Scholten then walked back out to the observation deck to join Karl Sevelda, who asked Knechtel who he was. Knechtel asked a number of further questions but Scholten refused to say a word.

Oscar Bronner then asked, “Would you please leave us alone, that’s not how press acts.”

“Yeah not what you’re used to, but that’s what press is supposed to do,” responded Knechtel.

Police then arrived on the scene to escort Knechtel away from the observation deck.

Being able to pin down Bilderberg members during the secretive confab is notoriously difficult because they are elusive and refuse to speak to the media.

Infowars was able to photograph innumerable Bilderbergers arriving at Innsbruck Airport, with high quality images and video to be posted later.

Scenes at the airport were sometimes frantic, with police sometimes running to keep journalists away from arriving Bilderbergers.

Ryanir CEO Michael O’Leary looked wary of journalists as he exited his vehicle.

Another Bilderberger was asked about the group’s plans for “world domination” as he entered the terminal building.

Former head of the World Bank James Wolfensohn denied that he had even attended the Bilderberg meeting.

Prime Minister of Portugal and former President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso appeared happy at being appointed as a Bilderberg steering committee member.

Klaus Kleinfeld, head of Aloca & TPP lobbyist, was one of the earlier arrivals at the airport.

Other Bilderbergers sat on the airport’s flight observation deck before they left.

Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/paul.j.watson.71
FOLLOW Paul Joseph Watson @ https://twitter.com/PrisonPlanet


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.

Where Did Unemployed Mechanic Boulware Get Money to Buy “Zombie Apocalypse Assault Vehicle”?

Family said attacker did not have money to pay for mental health care
Where Did Unemployed Mechanic Boulware Get Money to Buy "Zombie Apocalypse Assault Vehicle"?

Image Credits: eBay.

by Infowars.com | June 14, 2015

James Boulware, the man killed Saturday in Dallas after shooting up a police station, bought a customized “Zombie Apocalypse Assault Vehicle and Troop Transport” despite the fact his family said he did not have any money.

A van similar to the one used by Boulware was sold by Jenco Sales Inc. in Newnan, Georgia on eBay for $8,250.

Boulware traveled to Georgia last week to pick up the vehicle.

“He just got the van last week,” said Jim Boulware, the dead man’s father. “He went and took a bus to Georgia and picked it up.”

WFAA, an ABC News affiliate in Dallas, reported that Boulware’s family wanted him to get psychiatric help, but he did not have the money to pay for it. Boulware’s mother, Jeannine Hammond, said her son was mentally ill and “heard voices,” NBC 5 – KXAS in Forth Worth reported.

Authorities have yet to discuss how Boulware, a 35-year-old unemployed mechanic, was able to purchase the van and the weapons used in the attack.