ULTIMATE TROLL: Trump Hijacks ‘birther’ Media to Cover Veteran Endorsements

Businessman plays press like a fiddle

On Friday, reporters eagerly gathered at the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC to hear GOP nominee Donald Trump address the Obama birth certificate controversy.

But instead of a lengthy discussion on the topic, Trump dedicated a mere 27 seconds to the issue – instead using the other 29 minutes to pay respects to Medal of Honor recipients.

As if they were unfamiliar with the hotel mogul’s methods, corporate media reporters were irked the businessman had yet again baited them into giving Trump free positive press.

“It’s hard to imagine this as anything but a political ‘Rick-roll,’” CNN’s Jake Tapper said on air, realizing the network had been “trumped.”

Here’s the moment multiple establishment media reporters on Twitter realized they just helped Trump:

“It’s such an honor to have our first event for Medal of Honor winners,” Trump said introducing several veterans who spoke at the rally. “I mean, they are the finest and we get so many endorsements from the Medal of Honor winners it’s incredible.”

The Trump campaign will hold another rally Friday in Miami.

H/T: Daily Caller



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