MUST WATCH: Irreverent Parody Skewers Hillary’s Health Lies!

It’s not every day you get a presidential candidate on the show. So we’re honored to be graced by Hillary Clinton herself. Actually no, but it’s super close enough. Yes, yes, it’s an irreverent parody. Let’s not get too literal here people.

Hillary Clinton is very fashion forward, she did after all bring back pantsuits. Pink ones. Camouflage ones. Polka dots. Doggy bones. Prison cell orange. Deleted email server black. Moldy dead blue, who’s deaths Hillary blames on a YouTube video. So, so, so many colors, you guys. After pantsuits, Hillary is going to start her own line of paint colors. For your nails. Walls. Gum flavors too.

So what do you think? Does Hillary have pneumonia? Parkinson’s? Epilepsy? AIDS? Constipation? Or just a horrible soul?

Dr. Evil Medical School

Orange suit, black soul?

Yeah, probably just the horrible soul. There’s no cure. But I’m sure she’d take money from you regardless.

In all seriousness, thanks to NotGayJared for stepping in and stepping up. I actually think he makes a better Hillary than Hillary. But that’s because I prefer a stick to Hillary. That’s actually not fair to the stick. I prefer a bag of dog crap to Hillary. At least the dog crap isn’t going to ruin the country. It might stink, but it has a shelf life.

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