Operation Sleeping Giant Now Live: Infowars 28-Hour Broadcast Begins!

Help us break the globalist stranglehold on free humanity

Infowars “Operation Sleeping Giant” 28-hour broadcast begins today at 11AM CST!

Watch the live feeds at Infowars.com/Show and Infowars.com/Giant or at Youtube.


Watch the entire 28-hour live feed below:


Check out the special 28-hour broadcast show schedule:


Help us expose Hillary Clinton’s attempted takeover and the globalist agenda as we bring you exclusive interviews, special reports and continued DNC coverage from Alex Jones and the Infowars crew.

During this historic time it is more important than ever to stand up and let your voice be heard as we take our fight to the next level.

During this 28-hour broadcast, Infowars will also be fundraising with one of the biggest sales in our history at InfowarsStore.com.

To learn more and to watch the live feeds visit Infowars.com/Show and Infowars.com/Giant.