Kingdom Hearts Tips and Tricks

Easiest adventure – explore worlds based on who has the lowest star level, weakest first.
Avoid some backtracking for trinities by keeping Donald and Goofy in the party until the boss fight.
Reckless style – After you learn magic spell cure, Goofy learns ability mp gift, and Donald learns ability mp rage you can usually disregard your own safety. Donald will heal you almost every time your hp is low and Goofy will give you both mp.

Destiny Islands:
Fast level up – it’s rumored that if you choose all the first answers when interviewed by Wakka, Selphie, and Tidus in the tutorial you will level up faster through out the game. I personally don’t notice the difference.
Easy level up – fighting Wakka will give you between 10 and 12 exp points every battle if you hit almost every ball he throws. When your stronger fighting Riku is generally best and can yield potions (only available on the first day). Mobbing is available after you receive the keyblade.

Traverse Town:
Strike the clock in the Green room of the hotel several times to receive a chest, it will ding 3 times.
Postcard on top of the accessory shop – stack some boxes or wait until you get high jump.
Postcard on district 3 balcony – hidden in the corner, use auto lock.
Gizmo shop – use thunder on the broken cable in district 3 to activate the gizmo shop. Step on the buttons and talk to the clock to get 2 postcards.
Postcard in Moogle shop – talk to the notice board next to the door.
Postcard in Geppetto’s shop – talk to the pot on the shelf.
Geppetto’s various ships – defeat x amount of heartless up to 5000.
99 Dalmatians – rescue puppies and receive gifts, all = complete gummi set (sell all your gummis just before receiving this for fast munny)
Dream shield – obtain all magical arts and show to Merlin.
Dream rod – learn all 3rd tier spells, talk to Merlin.

Hundred Acre Wood:
Pull Rabbit’s Pumpkins and Cabbage to find items.
When gathering rare nuts for Owl you can only pick them one at a time.

The door to the bizzare room in the lotus forest in the tree changes after the trial.
The flowers ask for consumable items, stock up.

Olympus Coliseum:
When Phil asks Sora to move the stone block, try to push it until Sora says its too heavy then talk to Phil again.
Easy level up – Enter the Hades cup together after Sora is level [x], and walk away. Donald and Goofy will do all the fighting and healing, check in sometimes to see if Sora needs to land a final blow to move on. Good for getting to lvl 100 with little effort.

In the cave of wonders lower levels you’ll need to switch between D or G and Aladdin to obtain everything.
Kurt Zisa – to battle this boss talk to the carpet in Aladdin’s house after being booted from Hollow Bastion.

Pay attention to which door leads where, it’s easy to get lost.
Get to the bowels through chamber 4.
If the 2nd boss battle is too hard try summoning Bambi.

When Ariel disappears go to the Palace not the Garden in the cutscene.
Easy final battle – strike Ursula once then swim up and to the side continuously until she only has 1 hp left then deal the final blow. I use books or tape to hold the buttons for me since this takes a while.
Ride the big fish once in the gorge then swim to the valley, it will follow you.

Halloween Town:
Get the red trinity at Oogie’s place before you fight him or it will be lost forever. This is fixed in the Final Mix version.

The Hours – after completing Neverland go back to the clock tower and look for the glowing light to receive a prize every hour for 12 hours (based on PS clock), may have to hit the hands.
Phantom – talk to Tinkerbell in the ship’s cabin with Peter Pan in your party after being booted from Hollow Bastion.

Hollow Bastion:
After the battle with Dragon Maleficent you will be booted from Hollow Bastion and all the monsters in every world get stronger. The clock tower in Neverland becomes unavailable until you defeat the boss.

End of the World:
The first time through has the most monsters.
You can only battle the Demon from Bald Mountain once.

Easter Eggs:
Destiny Islands – Secret place drawings have final fantasy and disney references.
Traverse Town – The mad hatter appears on a clothing store front, lady and the tramp adorn a fountain in district 3.
Wonderland – On the wall of the bizzare room is a picture of the beach from Tweedle Dee and Dum’s story.
Deep Jungle – Mrs. Pots and the tea cups are on a table in the camp.
End of the World – pieces of Sleeping Beauty’s world are discernible is some places.