Why Armed Drug Cops Took ‘every belonging’ from a Michigan Soccer Mom

“After they breached my door, at gunpoint, with masks… they proceeded to take every belonging in my house”
Why Armed Drug Cops Took ‘every belonging’ from a Michigan Soccer Mom

Image Credits: Ted Eytan, Flickr.

by Christopher Ingraham | Washington Post | June 5, 2015

Annette Shattuck wasn’t home when the masked men entered her house and ransacked it. But her 56-year-old mother was, clipping coupons and watching over Annette’s four children under the age of 10, Shattuck recalled last week before the Michigan House of Representatives.

“After they breached my door, at gunpoint, with masks,” she said, repeating what her family told her, “they proceeded to take every belonging in my house. And when I say every belonging, I mean every belonging.” That included, she said, her husband’s tools, the lawnmower and a bicycle. They took credit card statements, tax returns, and the public assistance card Shattuck used to help feed her family. They even took $90 worth of birthday money out of her daughter’s “pink bedroom,” as it’s listed in a summary of seized property compiled by the police.

“My children’s artwork was on the floor with boot-prints on it,” she says, recalling what she saw when she returned home. She testified that they hung her lingerie from the ceiling fans. The men took her vehicles, which she said included the car seats for the smaller children.

The men who did this were officers of Michigan’s St. Clair County Drug Task Force executing a search warrant on her home. Shattuck, you see, is a registered medical marijuana caregiver under Michigan’s medical marijuana law. This allows her to grow a certain quantity of marijuana plants to distribute to a small number of medical marijuana patients.

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